Saturday, 24 June 2017

Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017 :: Making Cocoa Bean Jewelry at House of Chocolate : The Delicacy of the Design.

As we got ever close to the end of the Grenada Chocolate Festival I attended a session where we learned to use a different part of the cocoa pod for more than dining. Elle Coco, international expert chocolatier visiting from the United Kingdom, gave us a crash course in making earring with the dried cocoa bean.

When you crack a cocoa pod open these beans are covered in sweet white candy like deliriousness. They are also roasted for making chocolate at the beginning of the chocolate making process. Elle Coco showed us that with little more than a drill, pliers, clear nail polish, beading and a little creativity we could reuse, reduce and recycle this miracle of nature into more than food. We could wear our love of chocolate as hand made adornments if we choose.

Now with my tree hugging, environment loving self, I was more than excited for another opportunity to let humanity and nature collide and make beautiful things. I was also a little nervous because hey, visually impaired person who is terrible at fine details right here! Turns out, with faith trust and little bit of pixie dust patience and oral direction when confusion set in, I found a diy project even I could get done!

Step 1: glaze the (pre drilled to save time for this demonstration) cocoa bean with clear nail polish for longevity then let them dry. Tooth picks hold them well for this part.
Step 2: Design and plan your bead order while you put your glazed cocoa bean out to dry.
Step 3: Quietly try really hard to get all the bits on the tiny earring making material, get stuck because you're bad with fine detail, feel self concious over your visual impairment, feel like a failure, get over yourself like a big girl and ask for help because you're human and that's totally normal dude. WARNING: YOU can totally skip this part, it's totally optional.
Step 4: Be cool and seek clarification where needed. Bravery is totally cool I promise and I have it on good authority it is pretty close friends with success. Shout out to my not pictured Dominican gal pal and fellow blogger for the aid of her 20/20 vision!
Step 5: WIN AT SUCCESS and wear your cocoa bean earrings after you've used the pliers to attach your hook to your finished product.
Step 6: BE A BOSS and cocoa bean earring making and wearing, environment saving, entrepreneurial winner who, goes on to take over the world with their designer cocoa bean earring making company.
Well done you!

Thanks Elle Coco for hosting and THANK YOU Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017 for facilitating my first proper do it yourself project with one of my favourite things on this island, cocoa!

Find out more about the Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017 Here

Peace. Love. Branch Out.
All photos by Arthur Daniel for Grenada Chocolate Festival

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