Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Spa Day at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas

The Spa: My spa experience was seamless euphoria. I chose to have a mint soak because I am often affected by respiratory issues and I looked forward to breathing easy and clear. I knew mint would do this for me. The water was littered in bright pops of bougainvillea petals and I sank into that gorgeous run of hot water, looking out over the miraculous sea view and sighing with bliss. My blessings seemed close enough to touch just then... I can't say when last I've sat in a tub and just lived, breathed, closed my eyes and acknowledged the moment as nine and mine alone.

When my twenty minutes of letting my body absorb essential oils was through, I went straight on to my massage appointment two doors down. My masseuse was a well informed professional that made small talk with me the whole time and I really appreciated that interaction. We started by getting my health history out of the way, so that we were both clear what would be acceptable and effective for us both.

I got a medium pressure massage and learned that day that deep tissue massages (the only other massage I have ever had) are most effective and suggested for athletes. 

Let me tell you, I was surprised to find that my body was filled with tension all over. It made me a little ashamed of myself to be honest. Tension in my lower arm, my left side thigh, my feet! The aches and pains in my body were proof that I really had not been respecting, listening to and taking care of it as much as I taught I was doing. My body had clearly been trying to tell me things but I just had not been hearing it. I had not been actively listening. I know that everyone may not have a message but that experience taught me that they are worth it.  A moment in a a room with a professional to hear your body parts speak and cry out for help in a language you may not have yet correctly translated is surely worth a moment of your time.

When I was through my masseuse talked with me about skin care, skin type and how best to hydrate. She spoke to me of my areas of tension, of if and why she needed to apply a little more than medium pressure when she asked for my permission to so do. She was so informed, so kind and so open with me about health and my bodies needs. I cannot thank her enough.

Now lets talk a little about the service and my next post! See you soon!

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