Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Good Reads of 2014

  1. Autobiography of My Mother
  2. The Lonely Londoners
  3. The Mystic Masseur
  4. Minty Alley
  5. By the River Pedra I Sat and Wept
  6. Manuscript found in Accra
  7. Pride and Prejudice
  8. Run
  9. Mi Revalusanary Fren
  10.  Sense and Sensibility
  11. Little Women
  12. Emma

I always look at that good reads challenge of reading a certain amount of books a year. I always look at it and long to have finished at the very least a book for each month of the year. It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. Granted, a well few of these were on my reading list for school but that is not in anyway to suggest that I did not enjoy the reading experience.

That is something I truly appreciate about being a literature student. Though it is a lot of hard work and, even more so for me a working student, work crammed into a short space of time with a heavy shadow of desperation clouding my days, pushing me to just get through, it still allows me to do something I love, to study something I love. Words cannot express my gratitude for such an opportunity.

I know this appears a supper simple task for those of your\ who are more bookish but for my I'm feelin' pretty fly about this right now! I will be honest with you. I did not get through all 12 within the year 2014 much to my dismay. I've gotten 95% through Emma and will finish it happily on New Years Day when i finish my ironing :) For while I am less than five chapters away from finishing it. I choose not to compromise the impact of the literature for the sake of reaching a self imposed goal which is to be it's own reward. For ultimately, I do not want this to be an empty experience...I'm taking a page out of the book of a fellow blogger and choosing to savour my season, even in literature.

I am so curious about what my reading list will look like at the end of 2015. What was on your completed reading list this year? I'd love to know! Plus, since we're less than 25 minutes away here and though i am likely to do it in a much more official capacity come morning, Happy New Year lovely readers. Onward, to victory.

Peace. Love. Books.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas in Review 2014

It wasn't a bad time of preparing for it. Tis always the little things that inspire a cup over flowing with happiness.

- Stared at my friend's beautiful Christmas tree (I still don't have one)
- Had my nails seasonally painted by Shellon when i visited.
- Sent out snail mail.
- Made list and went grocery shopping for the holidays, always fun seeing the seasonal produce!
- Decorated the table with a little diy centre piece.
- Broke out the seasonal tee and smiled happily about it.
- Did my nails in red and green and smiled about it.
- Scored THE cutest holiday mug.
- Christmas lights at the gal pal's house on Christmas eve during present exchange makes my heart light up along with the room.


I know so many people think this is in poor taste but if your curious like me, you'll appreciate this haha

- Literature is my boyfriend necklace from modcloth I bought myself because they were having a 50% sale and I LOVE it!!!

- Pocky from my fellow Asian culture loving friend. Tasted it for the first time and it was exquisite!!

- 2015 planner in classic from A Beautiful Mess. Yay!!! I really really wanted this! Unfortunately I also got one I really wanted for a long time  for myself... I wish I'd known too as it's rather expensive and is the main gift I bought myself (I was saving a long time, haha.)

- A TARDIS mug with lid from a friend. I can't bring myself to use it though, it deserves to be on a desk but I don't have one of those so I am content to just stare at it lovingly.

- River Song's Journal from the same friend, my favourite Doctor Who character! We will pretend i squealed and not screamed when i got this. Though lets be honest, 'I'm a screamer' (that's an inside joke and is quoted directly from River Song herself! see, I'm obsessed!! ) haha I simply mean I get really excited about gifts no matter what they are!

- DON'T BLINK Doctor Who earnings from the same friend, I shall wear them to work, like an adult. She gave me a rather Doctor Who themed package which, if you know me well, you know blows my mind!

- A travel mug. from a loved one. It's so fancy you guys!!! Last birthday I got a lovely water bottle. This year, I got a travel mug which is a very valuable gift to me as a working student who has a job that requires her to be itinerant and you know, bleeds hot tea no matter the hour or weather.


I honestly did not expect all of these gifts! What surprised me is just how much people listen to me! I had only mentioned these little things here and there in light conversation over the course of this year and the last and...waw. I was touched by these things. I admit I never look forward to getting gifts at Christmas as I do giving them and believe it or not, this is the first Christmas (ever as I didn't grow up getting gifts at Christmas) that I got so very many things, they're only seven things but they are priceless to me! Which, perhaps is why i don't feel too bad about sharing my presents on the internet. This is not a usual occurrence after all.

Perhaps my loved ones sensed how much cheering up I needed at the end of the year. I admit this Christmas was a hard one for me...i had to convince myself to close my eyes and buy gifts for those i care about and myself as the weight of tuition kicked me from behind. It was important however to make the sacrifice, how pitiful would I be if I had nothing to exchange after all?! haha Aside from was really making me quite depressed working so hard at work and school and never buying not even myself anything...I had to do something about it...even if it is something small..thankfully my friends are not material monsters and understand that everything is but for a time.

I am so so grateful for their love and though! Not because they gave me gifts but because they gave me gifts that showed they cared enough to listen to what I had to say.

Planning is definitely on my list of things to do for 2015! How about you? I do hope you had a good Christmas time, I've spent many years without presents so whether you were blessed with them in a material way are not this year I pray that you must be blessed, perhaps with life, with health, with strength, with food or companionship. You know, the things that really last. :)

Enough looking back, who's ready to look forward?!!

Peace. Love. Gratitude.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Musing :: Mind : My Word for 2015 and what influenced it.

Mandala from Susannah Conway's Find Your Word Series.


Definition: Verb, expressing the future tense.

  1.  expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future.
  2.  expressing inevitable events.
  3.  expressing a request.
  4.  expressing facts about ability or capacity.
  5.  expressing habitual behaviour.
  6.  expressing probability or expectation about something in the present.

Synonyms: tend to, have a tendency to, are bound to, do, are going to, must, want, wish, please, see fit, think fit, think best, like, choose, prefer, decree, order, ordain, command.

Definition: Noun.

  1. the faculty by which a person decides and initiates action 
  2. control deliberately exerted to do something or to retrain one's own impulse 
  3. a deliberate or fixed desire or intention.  
  4. the thing that one desires or ordains  

Synonyms: determination, willpower, strength of character, resolution, resolve, tenacity, tenaciousness, wish, desire, decision, choice, inclination, intention, intent, volition.

Supporting words: I (will), God (will/willing), (will) Power, Strong (willed).
Layers under this word: Kill self doubt. Believe, Achieve, continue to aspire.

This word makes me feel
: nervous, secure, sure, confident and motivated. It inspires a sense in me.

Other thoughts or feelings about this word
I must remember that I will become the person who steps boldly into the will of God and the will I have mapped out for my life. Though during the year my will may bend it will not break. I may be beaten but I will never be destroyed

 " persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; "
 (1 Corinthians 4:9 KJB)

For my heavenly Father has begun a good work in me and he WILL see it through to the end. 

" being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. "
 (Philippians 1:6 NIV

For while I am willing He is the author and the finish, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all that is was and WILL be.  At the same time I must be prepared to nourish my will so that it does not become neglected and small in the face of difficulty.
To me ‘Will’ means: it’s not just a dream, it’s not just the things I want, it is not intangible, it is not a fairy tale nor a star looked upon by reaching eyes and longing finger tips from atop a hill, it is real.

It is not just attainable but it is already in progress. It is not stagnant, it is moving, growing, living breathing and being achieved.  It is not just a feeling, or a goal, it is the future being written as we speak. It is strong. It is beautiful. It will not be broken forever because it is a steady moving course of events, not one thing but many, the very fabric of time, not supremely controlled by the mortal that is me or them but without the shadow of a doubt, guided by thus. It is life itself.

Will is a question, it is an answer and it is a promise.

Peace. Love. Will.

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Find Your Word | 2015

I've found my thoughts directed towards the new year for some time now and being quite one to reflect and a planner, I joined Susannah Conway's exercise of finding a word to keep in mind during the coming year. A word that will resonate with me in moments when I walk in difficulty especially, that i can whisper to my soul and remind myself of the commitments I made. Not a harsh reminder, just a hand that rests on the shoulder of sorts.

Now being Christian I already do this but it often takes the form of a prayer or a scripture. I have found it rather helpful lately to remind myself of a commitment I have made to one word and I think this can only add more goodness to the practice.

While searching my mind and heart for this word of 2015 I found quite a few suggestions coming to mind. Which is great as I was so afraid i wouldn't be able to think of any. I acknowledge that the process of finding that one word can be intimidating so I thought I would share with you some of my considerations before i came to a conclusion in hopes that, if you do venture to adapt this or a similar practice, it might be helpful. This list is what I had at the end of the day compiled and now had to choose from.

Does any word from on my little list speak to you? Also, if you have a word for 2015, do share in the comments, I find the whole thing rather inspiring.

Which word do you think I picked? ;) I will be sharing the what and why soon!

Peace. Love. Brainstorm.

Friday, 26 December 2014

NOTD :: Christmas Nails - Seasonal Strokes

I took the advise of my artist friend Shell from her guest post and went with some lines this year, they looked lovely at top a cotton candy shade. I had forgotten how much I love the cotton candy nail polish shade. I used to be so obsessed with it as a child. How soft and pretty it is!

This line look was SO simple, I started off trying her design but then fell in love with my own spin on it along the way! I know it's blurry in this photo but it's the only shot I could grab in the hustle and bustle. It is boxing day here today, a holiday. I hope your Holidays were merry and bright my dears, let us have a prosperous 2015, together ♥

Peace. Love. Forward!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas Lovies!

Did you eat? Did you love and were loved in return? Did you find a small moment in the day where you found yourself appreciating the things that are going well for you like the people who help you smile and the joys that were added on to your years when you least expected it? I hope so.

For then it is safe to say that you had, at least one memorable moment, surely that is a day worth remembering.


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Lately :: in December 2014

 // Finally broke out my favourite festive sweatshirt.

// Made a list for Christmas grocery shopping, all though if I'm honest, we only bought one treat out of the ordinary so far, clutching that purse though! haha

// Admiring Christmas trees in shop windows because oh my goodness I love it so much!

// Reading quite a few of the classics just because instead of upon instruction of a teacher!

// Cleaning house, planning Christmas lunch, wrapping gifts and enjoying that oh so wonderful anticipation of giving gifts to loved ones!

I'm also realising I have quite the love for reindeer and wishing I'd bought these  to feed my burning sock love. Maybe I'll get em next year. At last it is Christmas Eve. Since I'm leave the house and I likely wont be back again till morning, after gifts have been given, Merry Christmas Lovelies! I feel blessed to have you reading ♥

Peace. Love. Reindeer bells.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Musing : NOTD: GUEST POST :: 2 Tips and a secret for Easy Holiday Themed Travel Nails

'ello Lovelies!  

So in my speed to close out my holiday shopping (i am still SO behind!) as i was so busy with school and figuring out what my student could yet afford, it would appear that my blog posting schedule has suffered. I suppose it is to be expected; a lesser post regularity due to the holidays. Maybe I love you guys too much for I still think of you as the days of the week pass. It is in this vain that I've enlisted for you a guest post today, written my artist friend Shellon (mentioned in my previous post) for sharing her creative nail tip arsenal! 

I'm already plotting my return to her house to have her hook me up with one of these designs!


Hey everyone! Thanks Lizelle for the opportunity to guest write a holiday post.

My greatest dilemma as an artist is most likely personal. I'm not the most consistently organized person, no matter how hard I try to stick with a plan. My interest in nail design piqued majorly last year. However, due to how actively I use my hands; be it due to using my fingers with pastel paintings or being in the sea free-diving, my nails tend to be brittle at times. They get to a certain length, if I'm lucky and last a few months... then they all break one by one until I get fed up and cut them all. 

A tip for stronger nails longer, naturally? When doing your hair and moisturising it or putting lotion on your skin, massage your nails with the same moisturisers. A friend of mine taught me this when I was in my early teens. She, had amazingly strong, long nails, all compliment to hair grease, that house chores would then have to work hard to break. I have tested it with my own nails and it's how I account for my nails when they look beautiful.

As time has progressed, my inclination for fancy nails has clashed with the pretty colours I find with cheap nail polish as fancy designs don't tend to last long when done with the cheaper shades. This has led me to come up with simple designs that look the same in the early chipping stages and aswell still look forgiveable after a few weeks have passed.

In this post, I shall cover two simple designs that I vary throughout the year, especially if I'm travelling, and a secret I learned this year.

So these first two are very basic. All you need to be able to do is draw lines and make dots. Nothing too complicated.

Tools: I used: 103 TLC (light green) by Kleancolour, B240 Che Bella Red by Borghese, green and red by Emori, a yellow striper by Amused, titanium white acrylic paint, a fine paint brush and a dotting tool.

First design is simply a cluster of random lines.

Instructions: Pick two or more colours for your design. Remember, you can place the clusters in any direction. I like to mix things up a bit as you can see bellow:

- Then, layer your second colour or colours, side by side with your first set of lines.

- Once this is through, add dots with the dotting tool in bare areas of space.

And then viola...! Nice and simple right?

My second design is even simpler and more fool proof.

- Again, pick your colours.

- Draw horizontal lines from one side of your nail to the other, being sure to leave a bit of space between them, kind of like the lines on a bit of writing paper.

-Then draw lines from the opposite side so that the width of your brush strokes has a bit of a mirrored effect.

- Layer your other chosen colours in the spaces between your first set of lines.

Once you've finished adding all the colours you want, you should result in something looking like this...

The last design is of Christmas trees. I used regular white acrylic paint ( thus the secret, did you know you can use paint as nail polish too? Well you do now. ) for the trees and stripers and the dotting tool to decorate the tree.

First three lines. each slightly longer than the other for the edges of the tree

You can add a white line down the middle for a better guide for when you want to fill in the colour to really frame the shape of the tree.

Now here they are, all filled in!

A couple coloured squiggly lines later and you're through!

In order to seal the colour, especially the trees, you must coat with clear nail polish as a top coat. The first two designs, regardless of if you seal it or not, because it uses your nail colour as the background and is a bit messy, anyone looking would think any chips were deliberate and artistic.

There you have it: easy, awesome on the go nail ideas.

Hope these tips and ideas were helpful.
Ciao for now,

Monday, 15 December 2014

For the love of Snail Mail

 A hand made post card a friend mailed me, diy carved rose stamp and all!

You couldn't possibly know just how much I enjoy receiving things in the mail. This, I think, is another simple joy of human connection. Oh the wonder of knowing someone took time and put effort into packaging something for you and sent it out, across the seas or miles or air or which ever mode of transportation used where you are, to get something to you. Whether card or parcel it gives me great joy not just to receive it but to give it.

That is why every year I am almost searching for a reason to send out some snail mail. This year I'm sending out a hand full of Christmas cards, hidden within which are some hand made surprises. It took me some time to assemble them honestly.

If you know me well you know how strongly I believe in cherishing gifts, it is not so much the thing I cherish but the priceless action. That is why, when i get a gift, I am very protective of it, whether it is my style or my desire, I hold it near my heart because what I do desire is to appreciate.

As I sit here now, nursing the pains left over from my commitment (I had to do a lot of bending to see) I am reminded of the preciousness of a gift, no matter how big or small. How cheerful and cherished it is to own such an opportunity as this: when one can use their talents and heart to create something to share smiles and love...

I would share them with you but I am afraid that one of the people to receive it, though they do not usually read my blog, will sneakily find their way onto my blog and ruin the surprise. So for now, look for a share of these around new years eve, when I can be most sure of their arrival to their recipient :)

How do you feel about sending snail mail?

Peace. Love. Snail mail.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Musing :: Mind : Take Flight

 I don't waste any time when I get days for holiday. Fortunately, this time is likely spent at least doing things that stimulate the creative part of my brain that is often left neglected by school.

One of the things on my list of holiday must have to do list was to visit friends and this week I've had the opportunity to do that at least with one pal. My friend Eli is preparing for another year at the main craft fair on the island. She is an artist with a concentration in chalk pastel and mixed media. You can find more of her work here. She also does nails like nobody's business, her arsenal is so pretty! So i took the opportunity to have her do my nails with the precision and mastery of the artists' hand haha

I also added two pictures from the last time I saw her (thus the pre name change water mark) well over summer time. Our meetings include lots of conversation and often lots of nail polish. I wish I could say what we do when we get together but it really is more of an experience of being. There are some friends with whom you do not need to go anywhere I suppose; when cereal and nail polish is enough for a good time. Well, add a little music, a little food and what more can one ask for?

I truly enjoy simple pleasures.

This little black bird is my favourite of her recent work. Opportune it is perhaps,that this is the one I photographed, for most of our discussion that day was about how we hope to take flight in different aspects of our lives someday soon.

Must be the approaching new year that has got our blood boiling.

What simple pleasure do you enjoy sharing with a loved one?

Peace. Love. Good Times.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Minimalist Must Haves for the Holidays | To Do List

Finals are over and I do not know how I feel as per usual I always feel like I could have done just a little bit comes the part where I bight my nails, shake in my boots, pray and I wait to find out if my attempts were good enough...In the mean time I am looking forward to a few simple pleasures over the course of the next 3 weeks of holiday. Very easy indulgences that stand to make my December very enjoyable if I can only let them and turn my mind away from scholarly commitments as I have turned my eyes.

  • Long pretty socks
  • A few of my favourite chocolates
  • Friend meet ups
  • A clean room
  • Sleep

I'm not asking for much this season, trying desperately to keep it simple. I've already started the harder bits: begun cleaning my room, a task which is going to take forever with my lung issues, getting all the washing and ironing of my work clothes out of the way so when the new term starts I don't have to feel stressed about it and can instead inspire a sense of togetherness within myself. I'm even daring to do a little shopping for myself! How delinquent for the working student I am I know but...I'm just itching to feel not so confined by circumstance :/ I'm cheering myself up by reminding myself that I could be dead tomorrow and not live to inherit the hard work of saving money for next term. Morbid I know but don't worry I'm not breaking the bank just sticking a toe out of place to save my sanity a little haha

What I think I want most is time to sit back and know that I am not a slave to the desires of the world. That I am a person who dreams big but also needs to rest well.  I am looking forward to that rest and peace of mind. Sadly, like everything else I will have to work hard on it as a fight to shut up the voices inside of myself that persist in telling me I must grab hold of the stars before the day breaks, voices that persist even before the dusk has even gone to sleep.

Creative minds do not rest easily...

Thank you to those of you who wished me luck on my final exams this semester. It feels wonderful to know that I have your backing ♥ Now, here's to a peace of mind ya?

What are some of your must haves this December?

Peace. Love. Calmed Spirits.

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Christmas Outfit Wishlist

It's almost Christmas and all the pretty things seem to call our names more loudly at that time of year don't they? These dreamy fashion finds are tempting my pocket! I've always been a big dreamer haha

1// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

I'm like that; I like to peer red with green for Christmas. Somebody get that green long skirt in my life! Not to mention the red bow tie, everybody knows bow ties are cool! Those two midi skirts are my favourite on chicwish right now. I love big shirts. Those green skirt over alls? hubba hubba I've been wanting number two for so long I might have to just bite the bullet already and starve in January haha.

Okay I'm done.

Other things on my Holiday wish list include:

Hey, a girl can dream, after all, tis the season!

Peace. Love. Christmas (Eye) Candy

Sunday, 7 December 2014

3 Homemade Gift Wrapping Ideas.

A gift given me recently by a parent and student. My heart exploded with gratitude I tell ya!

Being a creative there is particular type of home made I like surrounding my gifts and my gift giving ; the wrapping paper. I love the idea of home made wrapping paper, I've made some myself when I was younger, doodling all over it and making it my own. My friend loved it.

I feel like, in this way, the gift wrapping paper becomes a sweet little gift in itself.

I like the notion because it is environmentally friendly and adds a very personal touch to the event. Which is why I am in too minds about ordering the ABM emoji stamp set oh the gift wrapping mischief I might manage with those...

Today i wanted to share with you three of my favourite home made gift wrapping ideas as I remember a friend of mine once shared with me how much she hates wrapping gifts because she thinks she sucks at it,

1. Fabric

Do you have any pretty bits of fabric laying around or that looks awesome that you can buy and wont cost you an arm and a leg? Go for it! I've always thought this looks so dang classy!

2.The Brown Paper Bag

There is something very special about the look of brown paper to me, it reminds me of vintage presents, the sound of music and simpler days. Plus it's possibly another chance to recycle! Save them, cut them into the widest pieces you can manage  for the shape of your present (I always save little boxes through out the year to put my presents in, more recycling!)

Once you wrap this around your box with some clear tape you get to decided how you doll it up, this can be done with: Stickers, stamps, doodles, colourful string, ribbon, writing favourite or special sayings all of it, make it your own!

3. Tissue Paper/ Construction Paper / Kite Paper

I almost always use these in my gift giving in one way or another, whether its as wrapping or decoration of the wrapping.

Out of the three I've shared the brown paper bag method is my favourite because it's SO versatile; it can be adapted to the style of your friends and the inside jokes you share. Hey you can use any kind of paper for this too, it doesn't have to be brown, you know your loved ones and what they will appreciate most. For me personally it's the thought that counts; the thought that you put thought and effort into presenting this present to me.

 Have you ever made gift wrapping paper?

Peace. Love. DYI.

This post is a part of the Blogmas link up. After a solid week of posting about Christmas I may or may not be continuing with it up till the the 25th Maybe just in between. Have you been enjoying these Christmas themed posts?

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tis Better to Give

Each friend has a special way with which we meet to share and usually to eat over present giving and receiving. In fact many friends and I will usually have to make a date and exchange or gifts either before or post Christmas day.

Admittedly this has become quite important in my inner circle of friends, I was thinking about it only recently and it amused me so. The way we talk of our secret plans to gift each other you'd think we were being awarded for our mental mastery. In a way, I feel like we are...there is nothing like setting aside a time to exchange gifts with the people you love, to know that you both have been shopping and likely worrying all this time, praying that you'll get that gift that makes them squeal out loud in happiness despite them self. The quest for the perfect gift is almost a life long one, as life long as the connections we share I suppose...

What's most interesting to note however is that it doesn't matter what we receive, whether it's a stamp or a car, (no one has ever gotten a car) the entire experience is priceless and a present in itself.

So when I make up on Christmas morning and remember the wonder of the gift exchange the night before, I am always even more sure by the fresh feeling in my conscience that it is better to give than to receive.

Peace. Love Friendship Unwrapped

Friday, 5 December 2014

Eat Like a Local | Christmas Edition - Sorrel

This is the dark sorrel, not the common bright red one but this is the only batch we have at home right now for me to photograph. I'll hook you up as the season goes on! Also sorry it's blurry, busy with a final paper over here.

Are you wondering where the none Christmas edition is? Well it's still in draft don't judge me I'm a student. Check for the series next year. Meanwhile my plush palette tag should take you to all food related posts.

So what's the big hub bub? I have mentioned that I am very much looking forward to Christmas food treats on my island. I'm only going to list 5 in all today.

Sorrel: Sorrel is the sepal of the Roselle plant. Think those green usually tougher bits right at the base of the flower that seem to hold it up.

This is one of my absolute favourite Christmas treats because it's so rare (it takes about six months to grow!) so people usually plant it to be ready around Christmas time, making it have an extra special air about its exorbitance. Also the fact that it's picked from a plant and then delivered to our stomachs after such a simple preparation process? It falls into bracket of what I like to call natures candy. Plus don't they look freaky? I love that! They always remind me of tiny flowers or claws. Love it!

How to make Sorrel:

Pick or buy your white/dark/bright red sepals.

Make a small slit in the sepal and remove the little round seed at the middle if there is one. If you bought it it's likely not there, if you picked it it probably is. Remove them, they're not going into your drink.

Fill your container with water. I'd say one cup of sorrel to  three cups of water. However usually you make this in much larger quantities so just pour your sorrel/sepal into a pot and make sure its covered by the amount of water you add to this pot.

Add bay leaf, clove and cinnamon for added flavour.

Allow to boil for 10-30 minutes or until the water turns a rich bright red.

Empty the water into a large mug or container and allow to cool. This liquid is what you will be drinking, not the sepals themselves; those you'll be throwing away.

Your sorrel/sepals will be well wilted now but you can likely get another brew out of it, only with half the amount of water you put the first time. If you're not confident then skip this step, though I wouldn't

Add sugar to taste.
Chill and serve.

There you go now you have sorrel! In essence it's much like brewing tea. You can also add things like an essence of your choice or maybe even some mint (if I can get my hands on some mint leaves I'll be trying that this year!). This is my favourite seasonal drinking treat. Fun fact: it also comes in white but is very rare and just as delicious. Also, some people, not I because I'm not an alcohol enthusiast, like to spike theirs...alot.

Around here at Christmas time, you are sure to find the making of:
  • Ginger Beer
  • Punch-a-Creme (alcoholic beverage) 
  • Coconut buns
  • A boiled salted ham.
Now while I'd love to share a step by step post with you about just how we go about making these December deliciousness and it is more than likely I will at some point, I've still got a paper to finish. So for now I hope you've enjoyed a list of my Five Local Christmas Foods.

Peace. Love. Naturally Delicious.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Seasonal Tunes that sing Christmas to me.

That one Christmas song that jogs my memory, sung by my absolute favourite country duo (Yes I'm old school like that and I totally ship them and wish they were wed!) takes me both to past memories and future memories at the same time...that builds a picture in my mind of a photogenic Christmas; ideal, warm, fresh every the slow breaking of a new dawn....

Is there a seasonal song that does that for you?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

2 Movies that give me Major Christmas Feels

I've already told you my two favourite Christmas movies . I wanted to talk about the ones that are sure to give me Christmas feels and why. I readily admit though there are a lot of vintage classics that I haven't seen I really need to get under my belt but for now, the following always makes me a little squishy on the inside.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Christmas Television Special in Stop Motion.

Why: A kid who is different is forced to hide his uniqueness from the masses by those who love him the most in order to get ahead in normal life. Eventually when all is revealed, rather than continue to live as the scorn, he chooses to wonder he earth alone and lonely. Eventually he quite by mistake he finds himself in the company of those who are different in their own way. Together they learn to love themselves through their love for each other and as their self esteem builds so does their self esteem, leading them to go bold into the direction of their dreams.

Home Alone 3

 A young boy known for being both mischievous and brilliant finds himself at home alone on the very day robbers attempt to break into his home in search of a micro chip tied to the occupation of one of his parents. With ingenious innovation and the heart of a bold faced bluff or two, this young boy defends his home, himself and his elderly neighbour, while he tries to convince the relevant authorities to believe his truth in the face of his troublesome past.

I'm sure you didn't need those brief summaries but now you have them and I should admit I grew up on the earlier instalments to Home Alone 1 and  2 that and I wont even bother listing them here because they have such a special place in my heart they go without saying. I actually watched both of these last Christmas, again. It is interesting the perspective brought on by age. What I noticed both yesteryear of these two movies, the first I've seen a hundred times the second I watched for the first time, is that they're both about finding your place in life, a concept I find very interesting and wish more modern day films would continue to share with young (and I suppose even old) minds.

We often take for granted the things that shape our childhood, the messages we let run freely through the fields of our souls, leaving residue on fertile soil, where our character will grow and bloom. When these films come on I can not help but muse the message between the lines both then and now.

What movies do you find irresistible or watch over and over again on a whim during this season of the year?  Lets build an arsenal!

Peace. Love. Self Acceptance.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Christmas Feels

As I grow closer to the end of finals I am becoming aware of the Christmas feels stirring within me...

For me Christmas is gospel music everywhere, it is chillier days for over the Knee socks. It is seasonal food. It is decorations and it is more talk of Jesus than usual from more people than usual. It is red and green and gold colour schemes. It is gifts for children. It is store d├ęcor. It is late hangouts and dressing up. It is a very warm feeling in the heart that is hard to pin down year round and just so happens to taste great.It is food, so very much yummy, seasonally prepared food.

I love the taste, the look, the feel of it...

What is Christmas to you?

Peace. Love. Christmas Lights.

Monday, 1 December 2014

17 Simple Christmas Seasonal Joys

MY Christmas To do List

- Wear ridiculous cheesy seasonal clothes  -
 I've got a reindeer shirt and it gives me no greater giggle than to wear it out with a straight face.

- Watch a Christmas themed movie -
Usually it's one I've seen before on Christmas day, while doing nothing. What more can a person ask for?

-  Christmas Day Lunch - 
Eat larger portions of food than usual on Christmas day is always a treat and from what I understand is the local way of things, how Americans gorge themselves on thanksgiving? This is when we do it like that.

- Visit friends I haven't seen in months!  -
I miss you!!

- Read a book that isn't on my list of school assignments -
I will be reading Run from the Fearless series this year and I cannot wait! I bought it by mistake digitally and it has been SO hard not reading it this semester instead of my textbooks...but I'm going for ya!!

- Watch a Korean Drama - 
I'm thinking Pinocchio this time? Simply because I've been seeing a lot of advertisements for it. If there are any Korean Drama fans out there in the blogesphere I'm taking suggestions!

- Exchange gifts with friends -
A little tradition started with a small number of people I am grateful for. Hope I can find gifts this year though, I'm SO late! Education killing friendships one Christmas at a time (I'm kidding.)

- Go to a charity Christmas tree lighting and gift giving  -
That is, as long as I can find one! I have started doing this only recently but it is such a treat seeing young children receive gifts they likely would not have as the glow of Christmas lights reflect in there eyes? Who could pass that up? Definitely a highlight of my season. If I had an opportunity I would in fact do more in this light.

- Visit Grandma  -
Wine, cake, a chat and a sunset sounds good to me.

- Listen to copious amounts of Christmas music -
Why is it such beautiful music gets left until so late in the year anyway?

- Paint my nails some Christmas themed colour or another. -
Like this time or one of my favourites that I will likely do again this year.

- Eat and drink local traditional seasonal foods -
Sorrel and ginger beer and locally made coconut buns are already calling my name

- Bake -
Though I wont be doing this this year as there is no one to enjoy the wealth haha

- Christmas Tree -
Search to finding a pretty desk top tree as they're hard to find here I end up doing this every year..

- Wear a stupid Christmas hat -
This is just another thing that gives me a smile. I think they're so silly I cant take myself seriously looking at them.

- Grocery Shopping -
I always look forward to strolling through the store at this time of year, Christmas carols are always playing and the special seasonal treats come out (I get a kick out of Christmas sprinkles) it's a simple little fact of life I enjoy acknowledging.

As I have grown up the things I do at Christmas have really changed. At one point it was really only about doing nothing on the day it self and taking advantage of late buses on Christmas eve which means you can go anywhere and do anything with whoever you want and still get home. However, times have changed and so have people. Now I enjoy smaller trips more extended through out the season that make bigger impacts on more lives than my own...

It's a little odd really as my church does not readily celebrate Christmas (believe it or not many churches don't) This does not stop me from enjoying the local traditions of the season though :) These are just some of my own personal informal traditions but every season without fail I find myself looking forward to them unconsciously. I have learned a tradition does not have to be grand or even recognized by many to be special.

Is there anything you do at this time of year routinely that may not be widely acknowledged but gives you great joy? Share with me in the comments!

Peace. Love. A Slice of Happiness.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

via: google images, if you know the creator please tell me so that I may give credit

~ I think bats are cute - I know they're similar looking to the rodent family but they just look so precious with their little eyes, huge folding wings , swift mode of travel and soft bodies...

~ I LOVE baking -I make a wicked brownie.

~ I've always wanted to adopt - Since I learned what it was as a child I thought to myself: this world is full of children in need of love, I have love, I should give it.

~ I don't like pink - I know, my blog template might make you think otherwise but I actually have had quite enough pink to last a life time. It was my favourite colour from ages 11 - 16 and almost everything I bought back then would be pink so I think I over did it and got sick of it.  Sadly I really liked this template structure and it wasn't available in any other colour. I don't hate the colour though so it doesn't put me off either :)

~ I never wanted to be a teacher - I love it with every cell in me now but when I was growing up I thought a person would have to be cracked to willingly pursue such a profession with it's varying needs and commitments. Funny how life turns out aint it?

~ I didn't learn to do my nails myself until I was in collage - with low vision it's no easy task colouring within the lines in anyway.

~ Due to being low visioned I don't see faces well from a distance, as a results lots of people think I'm stuck up or ignoring them because I don't say hi when I end up standing/sitting/walking past them in the street. Which is unfortunate, cause I'm still none the wiser and end up walking along with a happy face. So if you see me? Say hi okay? I wont see you but it doesn't mean I love you any less. Sorry in advance!

Thank you to everyone that nominated me for this award, I know that Helen did and if I remember correctly Charlotte did too. This award requires you post seven little known facts about yourself and tag a blogger under 100 followers to do the same. I think I'm forgetting someone else who did as well, please forgive the school fried brain but I really do appreciate it, seeing my name on a list of nominees made my heart warm and maybe my eyes moist I'll never tell ;)

 Another final paper out of the way this week and now it's time to prep for the written exam this week! Thank you for still visiting though my posting schedule scares. This post was already in draft and I felt bad for not posting it so it's taking the place of Sunday Sunshine today as I didn't have time to round up this week. I'm getting my brain back though so things may go back to normal but who am I kidding? I don't even know! What I do know however is that blogging keeps me sane these days, so when I get the inspiration, I'm gonna work that thing!

I'm tagging: A little bit closer || Grenada Soul Adventurer || Chatoyant Heart || You who's name i forgot because my brain is fried.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, 28 November 2014

7 Awesome Gifts for the Literature Lover under $20!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 //

It's Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just around the corner and as I continue to prepare for my exams, I couldn't help but check out what the internet has to offer the likes of my broke student self. Wouldn't you know, I ended up at Modcloth again, swooning over their products that any literature lover or reader would have a an uncontrollable crush on? Can you believe each product on this list is under $20 dollars right now?! Needless to say they are all on mywishlist this season!

Though lets face it, I would be over the moon to just that have number one and  if I were really really lucky, that number 3, in my life! I decided I had to share them with you before each and everyone one was sold out.

Peace. Love. Literature fo' Life.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

A glance at Sailor Moon through the lens of Feminist Literary theory

  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 & 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I'm no expert on feminist theory, far from it. I have been consulting it a bit in preparations for and during my studies and while it is the one theory of literature I will rarely opt for writing about for reasons undisclosed, I really got to thinking about it while I considered why it is I enjoy the sailor moon series and genre so very much.

When I was a child Sailor Moon did so much for me. It was grand looking up at a screen and seeing a super hero fighting crime that looked like I did. By looked like I did I do not mean hair or breasts specifically but inherently female. Usagi is introduced as a very young girl, she doesn't like school nor is she very good at it, she longs for love and friendship, pretty and yummy things. She is care free, Usagi is flawed, in the process of growth and  is unapologetic about it.

When the sailor senshi transform, it could not be more 'girlie', they swish into a ball of pretty pink light that accentuates their curves, shows of big oversized bows, elegant tiaras and lipstick and nail polish. Does that stop them from kicking some major scum bag tush? Not in the least.

Feminist literary theory seeks to explore the norms and culture of society in relation to their expectations of women, that is of course putting it very shortly, if you really want to know more here is a site you can check out.

I am not trying to create an argument for crime fighting girls in mini skirts here, be not confused. I'm am just trying to put into perspective the things that stood out to me and reached me through this show then and now.

When I was seven years old and cramped out in front of my television set watching these young girls twirl into protectors of the universe it did not matter to me that they were in mini skirts as much as it did that they  were both pretty and strong. They were allowed to be pretty and strong. As a woman you are allowed to be both pretty and strong. This is a message nobody was saying! In fact, quite the opposite.

The sailor senshi were cooks who were also tom boys, they were aggressive women who liked martial arts but also longed for love and acceptance. They were superstars that had low self esteem, they were future princesses of planets that could not yet figure out how to get passing grades on tests and women who had been taught to hate themselves for the way they stood out because society told them that their strengths made them unique, different and by extension...made them wrong. Then they took that message and defied it. 

There was a sailor senshi for all of us at some point, so many character strengths and flaws were spread out amongst them I can not say that I identified with just one...In fact through many episodes the way I felt rickshawed between the lot of them. I would tell you then and can still tell you now that Sailor Mars - Rei Hino is my favourite secret senshi and the one I relate to most.

So you best believe I will be watching the less censored remake with eyes and ears well peeked. I am not saying of course that sailor moon is completely free of gender stereotyping notions, often little is. I am saying that for me, an introduction to sailor moon reinforced the belief I have always had in my heart: That just because a woman likes pink, flowers other things considered soft and squishy, does not make her inherently weak, it does not make her less able to use her abilities, her thoughts and yes even her emotions to do good and to protect the things that are important to her.

I remember reading a sailor moon quote that said 'women must be strong to protect the men they love' and it rang so true to me. I know that many may read this as an insult, why must she be strong to protect a man they may say. I say, that once you love someone, regardless of their gender you are bound to want to protect them.

Too long it has been perpetuated that when a woman and a man are in love she sits back and receives that protects gleefully. Love, as I believe it, exchanges those powerful feelings. If he protects you, your heart will certainly move to protect him. Sailor Moon thought me that is was not just normal to have those feelings as a woman but that it was quite possible to achieve this level of protection you hope to provide to the ones we love and that such protection can present itself in unique ways just as important as the strengths of anyone else, even if your strengths come in pink ;)

That's why sailor moon, as 'dizzy' as our dear sweet Usagi was brought across, will always have a very special place in my heart.  A female crime fighter kicking serious butt and making it look cool? I'll take it.

I am thankful for Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi solidifying my personal truth, that you can be a fighter and a dreamer at the same time.

Oh and by the way happy thanksgiving America.
Peace. Love. Protect.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Sunshine

I don't even remember if I shared this photo before but I'm too sick to think straight.Also yes, my toes need doing but aint nobody got time for that when the academic sky is falling down all around you. Enjoy a little pretty and not pretty of real life why dontcha.

Rejoice! For I am still alive, though ill and having less and less of a presence in the blogesphere as finals creep closer and closer. This is the part where I become absent sorry guys, I'll see you on the flip side. I do have a scheduled post coming up this week though that kind of came to me even in my feverish state. If you can relate I hope that once it goes live you can tell me what you think. Meanwhile!

// This just has me appreciating more and more the mind of a child and how clearly they see things beyond the horizon.

// This makes me feel more and more everyday that the solutions are out there.

// I need to try and adopt this immediately!

// With beauty standards being constantly decided by everyone but the people they are decided for this video was very interesting to me as someone who doesn't where make up (except for lipstick but I'm not sure that counts)  I never thought of not wearing make up as courageous, in fact honestly I just never thought about it. I'm cool with m'face and I guess with my limited vision seeing 'flaws' on myself or other people isn't really a thing. It was even better seeing them consider both sides of the argument though, why judge when there is knowledge to be had?

// I don't always like finding new renditions of old favourites but when I do it is almost always Christmas music. As I approach finals and am finally able to see past the haze of school work to the other side which is Christmas break, this well compiled playlist is looking like an adventure. Sadly  that site does not cater to my lot so I'll have to go youtube search em if I wanna hear, which I will do once I'm out of the woods. I do hope you have better luck than I!

Pray for me and my finals guys! Man am I going to need it....

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why I Bothered to change My Blogspot Address

So I'm betting you're asking:

But Lizelle, why not just get a domain name, why would you go to  the trouble of changing your blogger address again?!

Well valued reader, I'll tell you!

Could I have simply gone the domain name route? Yes, probably but I am not at a point in my life where I can maintain a domain yet. I am a student and the money I work for stakes up to 1 of mine = 3 U.S dollars so how I spend money has to be scrutinized and then scrutinized again and then scrutinized after that. This is made to be even more so as I am not just in school but I am working while I do it. So I am factoring costs to get to work, tuition, textbooks, medical payments with my albino always fighting of skin cancer with a stick self, my book launch in the works now set back and of course, as any teacher knows, expenses that come up as a result of being a teacher (hungry kiddos who cant afford meals, no pencil bla bla and other hypercriticals). So while the cost of a domain may seem small and well worth it in the long run, everything in time :) I really did consider it this time though but I had a bit of an unexpected down pour of financial commitments lately...

Still, it did bother me to be operating under my she must be new name. If you've been a follower for more than a year or two you probably noticed when my blog title first changed from She Must Be New to Sandals & Sunnies. This post, previously my about me page in fact, hints as to the reason behind the first name but what is the reason behind this one?

Well, likely by now you know I am of Caribbean origins. I also have albinism. Those very real facts are a big part of my life. If you think about it, it makes sense to live your life in sandals and sunnies if you live in the Caribbean (it was almost flip flops and sunnies as that makes even more sense but that did not sound quite as pretty!) Plus because of photofobia (extreme sensitivity to light) caused by albinism, you will hardly find me without sunglasses anyway, for me they are not just a fashion statement, they ARE my glasses.

Aside from these aspects of my blog title making literal sense in my life, they have quite a metaphoric meaning to me as well. You see sandals and sunnies is about who I am in a very unique way. I am a person who believes strongly in making due with where you are until you get where you want to be, even as you work towards that destination. For years many people I know and even I have previously fallen victim in our circumstances, seeing only the negative about where we are geographically located, economic costs, government status, poverty levels, you name it, (basically all the things the media doesn't readily show you), made even more difficult to accept due to the generation we are and are leading into...I mean no Mac Cosmetics?! What IS the meaning of life then!??  haha bad joke there.

It took a while but as I grew and matured it became clearer and clearer to me the toxicity of hating your circumstance instead of expelling your energy in finding beauty where it is rather than kicking your feet and anger up at where it is not. I know that everybody's circumstances are not the same but for me it became all the clearer the importance of cherishing the Caribbean sky, access to the ocean free, crowd free and shaded whenever I desire and the fact that I get to belong where people save their lives trying to get to.

I am not saying I will never leave because leaving too is a part of life. The world is big and I am not interested in only just this page....but I no longer want to spend my life dwelling on the things I cannot change in the time I want to change it. I want to find beauty, make beauty, clear my eyes and SEE beauty not for what we think it is or want it to be but for what it ACTUALLY is, things like: freedom, friendship and laughter, things like fresh coconut water that literally grows outside my door, things like unprocessed sugar, and knowing how chocolate is made, picking its origins with my own hand and growing up not even knowing that.

There are so many joys out there to be had. Sandals and Sunnies reminds me to walk in comfort and live in a vision of clarity both literally and metaphorically. It reminds me not to dwell too much in the path of others, wanting their lives and their colours of beauty but to appreciate my truest most authentic self as beautiful and worthy of adoration. It is only by chance that more often than not you find me living in actual Sandals and Sunnies haha. Silly awesome crazy world....

It made me uncomfortable living in a vision of yesteryear. It was making me feel stuck, disorganised and crowded. Yes, my blog title did all that! Haha Bloggers take it seriously yo! I wanted to step bravely into the vision I have for my blog not hold on due to familiarity or fear.

I didn't want to be bound to something old over the possible loss of followers. I love you all so much, you must know that by now but I think the blogging word gets so bogged down with the acquisition of big figures. I don't have giant figures like a lot of other bloggers out their but I didn't want a hope to excel to keep me locked away into something I no longer felt as tied to.

As writers, we have the power to change the conversation. So I changed the conversation from she must be new to Sandals & Sunnies. I doubt that it will change again as I will likely purchase a domain name next, once I graduate maybe? I am comfortable with that and I hope you will be too.

So maybe this part of the journey is about identity and authenticity. 

Peace. Love. Take Command of your own comfort.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Sunday Sunshine | Lipstick and Laughter

 // I haven't had much time to think of the approaching Christmas season lately as I am still being well buried by school work but this both almost brought me to tears and broke my heart at the same time, simply because I know how unlikely it is. Ah if only love would transcend borders and languages like this today...

// I am a person who needs to work hard at being productive in the face of distraction, I actually didn't know I was exercising this rule until I read about it.

// Nobody needed to tell me Van Goth was a genius, already knew it. He's my fvourite after all.

// This depiction of grown up rugrats ugh, right in the childhood!

// As a huge JYP group supporter (Big Bang is V.I.P! Go Blackjacks! heh heh)  as well as The Walking Dead viewer I guess, this made me lmao Which I guess you wont get if you're not a Korean culture and language enthusiast like I am lol

// I'm such a little secret lipstick addict though that this buzzfeed list totally gets me. Not all of it but like 95 percent.

// This feature on 14 Luscious Shades of Lipstick K-Pop Idols Wear is killing me with the not linking to wear I can get some of these shades and more importantly what they are called!  The one that Gayoon is wearing in particular has got me swooning! I still maintain that My Love from another Stars has the baddest lipstick game of recent times though. omg my body was so ready for that red and don't even get me started on the orange lip from Pretty ugh I cannot even. I must admit though, everything that character Myo Mi did, wore and said had me at perfection, I had such a girl crush on her!

This post was a bit all over the place and had a touch of Korean all over it, what can I say? I love the Korean language, culture and entertainment industry. Though I have not been talking a lot about it on here lately. I think because I haven't touched a Korean drama since the semester started I'm going through withdraw!

Anyway, I hope you're having a happy Sunday, with any luck I should be gleefully on my way to a special church session so that's got me excited, provided I'm not too exhausted....I know my next post was to be why I changed my blogspot address but fear not, that post is scheduled for Tuesday, it was getting way too lengthy and usually whenever i commit publicly to a date on my blog the universe laughs at me.

Enough with the rambling, 

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Great Deliberation :: I Want To Change My Blogspot Address : 10 Things To Know Before This Leap!

This post was inspired by the research i did before making this change, I had so many questions and I'm sure other bloggers like me are out there and do too. I hope this is helpful. If it is in anyway, do consider following me on bloglovin'. yeah? Oh and yeah this picture is a little irrelevant but you know.

10 Things To Know Before You Change Your Blogger Address

External Links and Features :: Anybody who has ever linked to you in the past, wherever on the internet that link is, it wont work now. Which is great if you're dodging stalkers or creeps or whatever but horrible if you're an avid linker-uper or have been featured. Unless of course, you're a frequent commenter wherever you've been featured and readers can use your comments to get to your new home address. Or, if people are reeeally nice and willing to change your old link for you where they featured you to match your new address.

How to go about it :: BEFORE you change your blospot address you're going to want to create a new blog with the address you want to change it to. This makes it possible to know if the name is available and play about until you find a variation that is, as well as completing the foundation of the the next step below. After you've done this, when you're ready to move you can just switch your addresses by making a small variation in your newly created blog title then using the title you want on your present blog, then going back and changing the freshly created blog to the title your blog used to be so people who might be led to your blog by other links can at least find you and don't think you died or disappeared off the internet. I know I for one hate when that happens.

What about bloglovin? :: GUESS WHAT! Bloglovin' has the ability to move all your followers over to your new account, no love (or in this case followers lost) I don't know about google friend connect (GFC) though... Bloglovin was wonderful about it, I contacted them when I was thinking about it, they assured me they could, solidified the process for me then changed my bloglovin' account once I made the change. It happened in a day. Thank you for expert service bloglovin! You continue to be awesome!

Related posts :: You're going to have to change your linkWithin if you use it. I had to, it still linked to posts via my old address. Sadly no matter how hard I tried to embed new code, it wasn't working so I switched to Engageya real quick (you snooze you loose!) and I must admit I like it better. It fills out the space at the end of my posts better even though it;s only four links being linked to, something my linkWithin didn't do even though I had it set to the same amount, it gives me sizing options and shape options too. It took about 3 hours to actually show up on my blog which was a little annoying but I got over it once I realised it was actually working. Good bye LinkWithin!

Blog Pages :: You're going to have to change your Navigation Bar if it links within your blog. I didn't anticipate this but I went right ahead and easily did it so that my readers weren't thrown when they showed up and things were all scatter brained around here. Dedicated to you baby! ;)

Your Grab Button Code :: You're going to have to change your blog button code if you have one. Thankfully that blog grab button creator I mentioned in the past came well in handy and already had the image uploaded so....easy enough!

Copyrights :: The copyright statement on your blog (if you have one which you totally should) will probably still refer to your old name. Change that ASAP and don't stay open to thieves! As well as any other copyright agreements you are a part of, you'll have to update em. I almost missed that one!

Social Media Icons :: If like me you have a bloglovin' follow me button or a feed follow button in your sidebar, make sure you update that too! You want new follows to be able to correctly follow your blog if they want to before they loose interest and leave and you want to make it as easy as possible for your dedicated followers to keep following you if they need to update their bookmarks.

Watermarked Photos :: Okay well it's fair to say my blog is a watermark disaster. yumekari from my very first blog attempt, she must be new and now Sandals & Sunnies. I must admit, watermarking is something I believe in so I will continue to do it. As for it blowing up in my face as I grew as a blogger in the past, well, nothing I can do about that but role with it. Growth isn't always tidy now is it?

MAJOR House keeping :: There will likely be broken links galore to find and fix if you do a lot of inward linking in your posts. This is going to be a bit of a puzzling task for me but I'm okay with that. I honestly needed to do some blog house keeping anyway and the fact that my blog identity is all fixed up nice just serves to make is all the more rewarding.


So even knowing this, why did I bother to change my blogspot address instead of just getting a domain name?! Well, that's a great question and now that I've told you all about the how, let me tell you about the why...tomorrow, in my next post, cause that's a whole other post...

Oh! I also added disqcus but I must admit I miss seeing your familiar display pictures when you comment :,(  I hope some of you will consider opening a disqcus account and putting up a display pic so you're not just a name but a pic with a name, even if it's an icon that caries the name of your blog. (I have to do the same.) for without it disqcus doesn't link me to your blog anymore and I do so want to check out your digs! Bah, no change without loss it seems...

I think I've managed fixing all the superficial links and all links in future posts WILL work. I'm going to be dedicating some time well to fixing any internal broken links I have so if there are any that are bothering you feel free to contact me and I shall get RIGHT on it. Thank you for baring and staying with me through this strange little change of mine. ♥ Blogging is a journey, a journey I enjoy but sometimes it gets a little bumpy but that doesn't mean it has to be any less beautiful.

Peace. Love. Informed Decisions
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