Friday, 12 December 2014

Musing :: Mind : Take Flight

 I don't waste any time when I get days for holiday. Fortunately, this time is likely spent at least doing things that stimulate the creative part of my brain that is often left neglected by school.

One of the things on my list of holiday must have to do list was to visit friends and this week I've had the opportunity to do that at least with one pal. My friend Eli is preparing for another year at the main craft fair on the island. She is an artist with a concentration in chalk pastel and mixed media. You can find more of her work here. She also does nails like nobody's business, her arsenal is so pretty! So i took the opportunity to have her do my nails with the precision and mastery of the artists' hand haha

I also added two pictures from the last time I saw her (thus the pre name change water mark) well over summer time. Our meetings include lots of conversation and often lots of nail polish. I wish I could say what we do when we get together but it really is more of an experience of being. There are some friends with whom you do not need to go anywhere I suppose; when cereal and nail polish is enough for a good time. Well, add a little music, a little food and what more can one ask for?

I truly enjoy simple pleasures.

This little black bird is my favourite of her recent work. Opportune it is perhaps,that this is the one I photographed, for most of our discussion that day was about how we hope to take flight in different aspects of our lives someday soon.

Must be the approaching new year that has got our blood boiling.

What simple pleasure do you enjoy sharing with a loved one?

Peace. Love. Good Times.

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  1. They're definitely the best times: hanging at home with best of best friends! Love her artwork, and how insanely creative she is, to work on so many different mediums (love 'The Beach' and 'The Hook'....)....may you enjoy many more days like this over your leave from school!


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