Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Christmas Feels

As I grow closer to the end of finals I am becoming aware of the Christmas feels stirring within me...

For me Christmas is gospel music everywhere, it is chillier days for over the Knee socks. It is seasonal food. It is decorations and it is more talk of Jesus than usual from more people than usual. It is red and green and gold colour schemes. It is gifts for children. It is store d├ęcor. It is late hangouts and dressing up. It is a very warm feeling in the heart that is hard to pin down year round and just so happens to taste great.It is food, so very much yummy, seasonally prepared food.

I love the taste, the look, the feel of it...

What is Christmas to you?

Peace. Love. Christmas Lights.


  1. Gorgeously written! [Wishing you well for finals...is that IT then or do you have more studies pending?]

  2. Christmas for me is about family traditions! I think I miss my parents the most this time of year. Beautifully written xx


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