Wednesday, 3 December 2014

2 Movies that give me Major Christmas Feels

I've already told you my two favourite Christmas movies . I wanted to talk about the ones that are sure to give me Christmas feels and why. I readily admit though there are a lot of vintage classics that I haven't seen I really need to get under my belt but for now, the following always makes me a little squishy on the inside.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Christmas Television Special in Stop Motion.

Why: A kid who is different is forced to hide his uniqueness from the masses by those who love him the most in order to get ahead in normal life. Eventually when all is revealed, rather than continue to live as the scorn, he chooses to wonder he earth alone and lonely. Eventually he quite by mistake he finds himself in the company of those who are different in their own way. Together they learn to love themselves through their love for each other and as their self esteem builds so does their self esteem, leading them to go bold into the direction of their dreams.

Home Alone 3

 A young boy known for being both mischievous and brilliant finds himself at home alone on the very day robbers attempt to break into his home in search of a micro chip tied to the occupation of one of his parents. With ingenious innovation and the heart of a bold faced bluff or two, this young boy defends his home, himself and his elderly neighbour, while he tries to convince the relevant authorities to believe his truth in the face of his troublesome past.

I'm sure you didn't need those brief summaries but now you have them and I should admit I grew up on the earlier instalments to Home Alone 1 and  2 that and I wont even bother listing them here because they have such a special place in my heart they go without saying. I actually watched both of these last Christmas, again. It is interesting the perspective brought on by age. What I noticed both yesteryear of these two movies, the first I've seen a hundred times the second I watched for the first time, is that they're both about finding your place in life, a concept I find very interesting and wish more modern day films would continue to share with young (and I suppose even old) minds.

We often take for granted the things that shape our childhood, the messages we let run freely through the fields of our souls, leaving residue on fertile soil, where our character will grow and bloom. When these films come on I can not help but muse the message between the lines both then and now.

What movies do you find irresistible or watch over and over again on a whim during this season of the year?  Lets build an arsenal!

Peace. Love. Self Acceptance.

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  1. Oh, I'll be watching the reindeer one with the your musings (too tired to reply with a thought-through comment, sorry)....will be back again to appreciate your words in greater depth xxxx


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