Monday, 1 December 2014

17 Simple Christmas Seasonal Joys

MY Christmas To do List

- Wear ridiculous cheesy seasonal clothes  -
 I've got a reindeer shirt and it gives me no greater giggle than to wear it out with a straight face.

- Watch a Christmas themed movie -
Usually it's one I've seen before on Christmas day, while doing nothing. What more can a person ask for?

-  Christmas Day Lunch - 
Eat larger portions of food than usual on Christmas day is always a treat and from what I understand is the local way of things, how Americans gorge themselves on thanksgiving? This is when we do it like that.

- Visit friends I haven't seen in months!  -
I miss you!!

- Read a book that isn't on my list of school assignments -
I will be reading Run from the Fearless series this year and I cannot wait! I bought it by mistake digitally and it has been SO hard not reading it this semester instead of my textbooks...but I'm going for ya!!

- Watch a Korean Drama - 
I'm thinking Pinocchio this time? Simply because I've been seeing a lot of advertisements for it. If there are any Korean Drama fans out there in the blogesphere I'm taking suggestions!

- Exchange gifts with friends -
A little tradition started with a small number of people I am grateful for. Hope I can find gifts this year though, I'm SO late! Education killing friendships one Christmas at a time (I'm kidding.)

- Go to a charity Christmas tree lighting and gift giving  -
That is, as long as I can find one! I have started doing this only recently but it is such a treat seeing young children receive gifts they likely would not have as the glow of Christmas lights reflect in there eyes? Who could pass that up? Definitely a highlight of my season. If I had an opportunity I would in fact do more in this light.

- Visit Grandma  -
Wine, cake, a chat and a sunset sounds good to me.

- Listen to copious amounts of Christmas music -
Why is it such beautiful music gets left until so late in the year anyway?

- Paint my nails some Christmas themed colour or another. -
Like this time or one of my favourites that I will likely do again this year.

- Eat and drink local traditional seasonal foods -
Sorrel and ginger beer and locally made coconut buns are already calling my name

- Bake -
Though I wont be doing this this year as there is no one to enjoy the wealth haha

- Christmas Tree -
Search to finding a pretty desk top tree as they're hard to find here I end up doing this every year..

- Wear a stupid Christmas hat -
This is just another thing that gives me a smile. I think they're so silly I cant take myself seriously looking at them.

- Grocery Shopping -
I always look forward to strolling through the store at this time of year, Christmas carols are always playing and the special seasonal treats come out (I get a kick out of Christmas sprinkles) it's a simple little fact of life I enjoy acknowledging.

As I have grown up the things I do at Christmas have really changed. At one point it was really only about doing nothing on the day it self and taking advantage of late buses on Christmas eve which means you can go anywhere and do anything with whoever you want and still get home. However, times have changed and so have people. Now I enjoy smaller trips more extended through out the season that make bigger impacts on more lives than my own...

It's a little odd really as my church does not readily celebrate Christmas (believe it or not many churches don't) This does not stop me from enjoying the local traditions of the season though :) These are just some of my own personal informal traditions but every season without fail I find myself looking forward to them unconsciously. I have learned a tradition does not have to be grand or even recognized by many to be special.

Is there anything you do at this time of year routinely that may not be widely acknowledged but gives you great joy? Share with me in the comments!

Peace. Love. A Slice of Happiness.


  1. Ooh, coconut buns. Yum. Love your list: I have so many similar delights!

  2. have a great holiday season :) looks like you got a great list to go through!

  3. If it's one thing I'll miss terribly, it's Caribbean Christmas food (Grandma's cookiiiinnggg). I love quiet meaningful holidays though. It's not a holiday in Japan though so it'll be quite different this year. When you say your church doesn't celebrate do you mean in terms of doing special services etc or do they avoid it altogether lol?

  4. Honestly i feel a little embarrassed to admit how very much i'm looking forward to Caribbean Christmas food omg I as I get older I'm growing to appreciate this tastes and smells more as i come to realise they may very well not be around everyday....

    My church doesn't hold special services or put up décor, they feel like it's a holiday extremely commercialised and as such does not reflect doctrine. I'd have loved a big fancy celebration but that's personal preference :) I get my celebration on.

  5. I've usually end up spending most of my work hours explaining Caribbean/Grenadian food to my customers so I get super nostalgic.

    Ah that's understandable :)

  6. Thanks Jane! :D I cant wait to get started! lol


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