Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tis Better to Give

Each friend has a special way with which we meet to share and usually to eat over present giving and receiving. In fact many friends and I will usually have to make a date and exchange or gifts either before or post Christmas day.

Admittedly this has become quite important in my inner circle of friends, I was thinking about it only recently and it amused me so. The way we talk of our secret plans to gift each other you'd think we were being awarded for our mental mastery. In a way, I feel like we are...there is nothing like setting aside a time to exchange gifts with the people you love, to know that you both have been shopping and likely worrying all this time, praying that you'll get that gift that makes them squeal out loud in happiness despite them self. The quest for the perfect gift is almost a life long one, as life long as the connections we share I suppose...

What's most interesting to note however is that it doesn't matter what we receive, whether it's a stamp or a car, (no one has ever gotten a car) the entire experience is priceless and a present in itself.

So when I make up on Christmas morning and remember the wonder of the gift exchange the night before, I am always even more sure by the fresh feeling in my conscience that it is better to give than to receive.

Peace. Love Friendship Unwrapped

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  1. LOVE that you get to experience the special moments you describe (how wonderful!) your writing, as much to think about. Happy Sunday! [Is the end in sight for your paper/exams?]


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