Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas in Review 2014

It wasn't a bad time of preparing for it. Tis always the little things that inspire a cup over flowing with happiness.

- Stared at my friend's beautiful Christmas tree (I still don't have one)
- Had my nails seasonally painted by Shellon when i visited.
- Sent out snail mail.
- Made list and went grocery shopping for the holidays, always fun seeing the seasonal produce!
- Decorated the table with a little diy centre piece.
- Broke out the seasonal tee and smiled happily about it.
- Did my nails in red and green and smiled about it.
- Scored THE cutest holiday mug.
- Christmas lights at the gal pal's house on Christmas eve during present exchange makes my heart light up along with the room.


I know so many people think this is in poor taste but if your curious like me, you'll appreciate this haha

- Literature is my boyfriend necklace from modcloth I bought myself because they were having a 50% sale and I LOVE it!!!

- Pocky from my fellow Asian culture loving friend. Tasted it for the first time and it was exquisite!!

- 2015 planner in classic from A Beautiful Mess. Yay!!! I really really wanted this! Unfortunately I also got one I really wanted for a long time  for myself... I wish I'd known too as it's rather expensive and is the main gift I bought myself (I was saving a long time, haha.)

- A TARDIS mug with lid from a friend. I can't bring myself to use it though, it deserves to be on a desk but I don't have one of those so I am content to just stare at it lovingly.

- River Song's Journal from the same friend, my favourite Doctor Who character! We will pretend i squealed and not screamed when i got this. Though lets be honest, 'I'm a screamer' (that's an inside joke and is quoted directly from River Song herself! see, I'm obsessed!! ) haha I simply mean I get really excited about gifts no matter what they are!

- DON'T BLINK Doctor Who earnings from the same friend, I shall wear them to work, like an adult. She gave me a rather Doctor Who themed package which, if you know me well, you know blows my mind!

- A travel mug. from a loved one. It's so fancy you guys!!! Last birthday I got a lovely water bottle. This year, I got a travel mug which is a very valuable gift to me as a working student who has a job that requires her to be itinerant and you know, bleeds hot tea no matter the hour or weather.


I honestly did not expect all of these gifts! What surprised me is just how much people listen to me! I had only mentioned these little things here and there in light conversation over the course of this year and the last and...waw. I was touched by these things. I admit I never look forward to getting gifts at Christmas as I do giving them and believe it or not, this is the first Christmas (ever as I didn't grow up getting gifts at Christmas) that I got so very many things, they're only seven things but they are priceless to me! Which, perhaps is why i don't feel too bad about sharing my presents on the internet. This is not a usual occurrence after all.

Perhaps my loved ones sensed how much cheering up I needed at the end of the year. I admit this Christmas was a hard one for me...i had to convince myself to close my eyes and buy gifts for those i care about and myself as the weight of tuition kicked me from behind. It was important however to make the sacrifice, how pitiful would I be if I had nothing to exchange after all?! haha Aside from was really making me quite depressed working so hard at work and school and never buying not even myself anything...I had to do something about it...even if it is something small..thankfully my friends are not material monsters and understand that everything is but for a time.

I am so so grateful for their love and though! Not because they gave me gifts but because they gave me gifts that showed they cared enough to listen to what I had to say.

Planning is definitely on my list of things to do for 2015! How about you? I do hope you had a good Christmas time, I've spent many years without presents so whether you were blessed with them in a material way are not this year I pray that you must be blessed, perhaps with life, with health, with strength, with food or companionship. You know, the things that really last. :)

Enough looking back, who's ready to look forward?!!

Peace. Love. Gratitude.


  1. Oh, what beautiful, thoughtful, gifts you received. How lovely!! Didn't know you were a Dr. Who fan?! We're BIG Matt Smith fans in our house: the Van Gogh one is BRILLIANT!!!!

  2. Gasp! Who ARE you!?! That is my favourite episode OF ALL TIME!!!!! Fan Go is my favourite artist and starry night is my favourite of his paintings. The blindness, the being a creative outcast added upon by his 'rare condition' of red hair... That episode had me bawling!

    I love Matt, though Ten will always be my doctor :)

  3. too, I cry every time I see it! It is the most perfect piece of television ever! But I have to disagree....*Matt Smith* is the only best Doctor ever!!! LOL!!!!! Have a GREAT day!!!!!

  4. Clash of the Whovians!!! haha

  5. LOL!!! Have a LOVELY evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's to a wonder-filled, wonderful 2015 xxxxxxx


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