Saturday, 27 December 2014

Find Your Word | 2015

I've found my thoughts directed towards the new year for some time now and being quite one to reflect and a planner, I joined Susannah Conway's exercise of finding a word to keep in mind during the coming year. A word that will resonate with me in moments when I walk in difficulty especially, that i can whisper to my soul and remind myself of the commitments I made. Not a harsh reminder, just a hand that rests on the shoulder of sorts.

Now being Christian I already do this but it often takes the form of a prayer or a scripture. I have found it rather helpful lately to remind myself of a commitment I have made to one word and I think this can only add more goodness to the practice.

While searching my mind and heart for this word of 2015 I found quite a few suggestions coming to mind. Which is great as I was so afraid i wouldn't be able to think of any. I acknowledge that the process of finding that one word can be intimidating so I thought I would share with you some of my considerations before i came to a conclusion in hopes that, if you do venture to adapt this or a similar practice, it might be helpful. This list is what I had at the end of the day compiled and now had to choose from.

Does any word from on my little list speak to you? Also, if you have a word for 2015, do share in the comments, I find the whole thing rather inspiring.

Which word do you think I picked? ;) I will be sharing the what and why soon!

Peace. Love. Brainstorm.


  1. Love your candidate words! I have mine chosen - it jumped in to my mind (as they always tend to do) a few weeks ago....I'll be posting about it next week.... Hope you're having a lovely weekend! Was online 'window shopping' and saw this dress....thought of you immediately! (they have it in green as well!)

  2. Cant wait to hear what your word is. Picking a word is new to me so it's all very exciting. As for that pretty dress, ah you know my heart my friend!

  3. I have been practicing this for about 2 years now and I love it. I hope it brings you inspiration and direction in 2015. My words this year are honesty and courage


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