Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Good Reads of 2014

  1. Autobiography of My Mother
  2. The Lonely Londoners
  3. The Mystic Masseur
  4. Minty Alley
  5. By the River Pedra I Sat and Wept
  6. Manuscript found in Accra
  7. Pride and Prejudice
  8. Run
  9. Mi Revalusanary Fren
  10.  Sense and Sensibility
  11. Little Women
  12. Emma

I always look at that good reads challenge of reading a certain amount of books a year. I always look at it and long to have finished at the very least a book for each month of the year. It's amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it. Granted, a well few of these were on my reading list for school but that is not in anyway to suggest that I did not enjoy the reading experience.

That is something I truly appreciate about being a literature student. Though it is a lot of hard work and, even more so for me a working student, work crammed into a short space of time with a heavy shadow of desperation clouding my days, pushing me to just get through, it still allows me to do something I love, to study something I love. Words cannot express my gratitude for such an opportunity.

I know this appears a supper simple task for those of your\ who are more bookish but for my I'm feelin' pretty fly about this right now! I will be honest with you. I did not get through all 12 within the year 2014 much to my dismay. I've gotten 95% through Emma and will finish it happily on New Years Day when i finish my ironing :) For while I am less than five chapters away from finishing it. I choose not to compromise the impact of the literature for the sake of reaching a self imposed goal which is to be it's own reward. For ultimately, I do not want this to be an empty experience...I'm taking a page out of the book of a fellow blogger and choosing to savour my season, even in literature.

I am so curious about what my reading list will look like at the end of 2015. What was on your completed reading list this year? I'd love to know! Plus, since we're less than 25 minutes away here and though i am likely to do it in a much more official capacity come morning, Happy New Year lovely readers. Onward, to victory.

Peace. Love. Books.


  1. Well it's kind of a funny story, perhaps I should have shared it up top actually but more than half of the list likely are compulsory readings for Uni. Then when i got on holiday. I really wanted to break out their box and read something of my own accord so i gleefully danced my way through some Austen :) Till i got to Emma...which is taking forever because i'm not much enjoying it i think

  2. know, I've never read any Jane Austen....isn't that terrible?I love Emily Bronte but never felt attracted to Austen.....totally agree with you about 'Manuscript' calls to you to open it at random and just savour....[I'm actually having a really hard time reading it because I only get about a page through it at a time and have to stop to make so many notes from it!...Definitely a case of a book finding me at exactly the right time.....]...hope you're having a lovely day xxxx

  3. I hadn't either and felt horrid. Pride and Prejudice directed by Joe Wright is my favourite movie so, as an author myself i had to read it. Twas only fair to read the artists original work i felt.

    With manuscript it took a long time to finish it because kept savouring the journey and hoping it would never end, it was all so so good to the very last drop!

    Hope you are having a fantastic day Helen!


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