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Musing :: Mind : My Word for 2015 and what influenced it.

Mandala from Susannah Conway's Find Your Word Series.


Definition: Verb, expressing the future tense.

  1.  expressing a strong intention or assertion about the future.
  2.  expressing inevitable events.
  3.  expressing a request.
  4.  expressing facts about ability or capacity.
  5.  expressing habitual behaviour.
  6.  expressing probability or expectation about something in the present.

Synonyms: tend to, have a tendency to, are bound to, do, are going to, must, want, wish, please, see fit, think fit, think best, like, choose, prefer, decree, order, ordain, command.

Definition: Noun.

  1. the faculty by which a person decides and initiates action 
  2. control deliberately exerted to do something or to retrain one's own impulse 
  3. a deliberate or fixed desire or intention.  
  4. the thing that one desires or ordains  

Synonyms: determination, willpower, strength of character, resolution, resolve, tenacity, tenaciousness, wish, desire, decision, choice, inclination, intention, intent, volition.

Supporting words: I (will), God (will/willing), (will) Power, Strong (willed).
Layers under this word: Kill self doubt. Believe, Achieve, continue to aspire.

This word makes me feel
: nervous, secure, sure, confident and motivated. It inspires a sense in me.

Other thoughts or feelings about this word
I must remember that I will become the person who steps boldly into the will of God and the will I have mapped out for my life. Though during the year my will may bend it will not break. I may be beaten but I will never be destroyed

 " persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; "
 (1 Corinthians 4:9 KJB)

For my heavenly Father has begun a good work in me and he WILL see it through to the end. 

" being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. "
 (Philippians 1:6 NIV

For while I am willing He is the author and the finish, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End of all that is was and WILL be.  At the same time I must be prepared to nourish my will so that it does not become neglected and small in the face of difficulty.
To me ‘Will’ means: it’s not just a dream, it’s not just the things I want, it is not intangible, it is not a fairy tale nor a star looked upon by reaching eyes and longing finger tips from atop a hill, it is real.

It is not just attainable but it is already in progress. It is not stagnant, it is moving, growing, living breathing and being achieved.  It is not just a feeling, or a goal, it is the future being written as we speak. It is strong. It is beautiful. It will not be broken forever because it is a steady moving course of events, not one thing but many, the very fabric of time, not supremely controlled by the mortal that is me or them but without the shadow of a doubt, guided by thus. It is life itself.

Will is a question, it is an answer and it is a promise.

Peace. Love. Will.


  1. Adore your post. Adore how deeply you think about everything. Your capacity for reflection is an inspiration. [Love your new photo (on the left): found it so poignant that you're looking in to the light (which must have hurt your eyes?)]

  2. Yes you will! I love this positive and honest approach to the new year.

  3. Love this! Found my word for 2015 - courage 💜 by the way sweetie loving your new profile picture! Its gawjus 💖

  4. haha 'gawjus' love it!

    ah courage is a scary one...good luck my friend! You can do it!!


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