Sunday, 7 December 2014

3 Homemade Gift Wrapping Ideas.

A gift given me recently by a parent and student. My heart exploded with gratitude I tell ya!

Being a creative there is particular type of home made I like surrounding my gifts and my gift giving ; the wrapping paper. I love the idea of home made wrapping paper, I've made some myself when I was younger, doodling all over it and making it my own. My friend loved it.

I feel like, in this way, the gift wrapping paper becomes a sweet little gift in itself.

I like the notion because it is environmentally friendly and adds a very personal touch to the event. Which is why I am in too minds about ordering the ABM emoji stamp set oh the gift wrapping mischief I might manage with those...

Today i wanted to share with you three of my favourite home made gift wrapping ideas as I remember a friend of mine once shared with me how much she hates wrapping gifts because she thinks she sucks at it,

1. Fabric

Do you have any pretty bits of fabric laying around or that looks awesome that you can buy and wont cost you an arm and a leg? Go for it! I've always thought this looks so dang classy!

2.The Brown Paper Bag

There is something very special about the look of brown paper to me, it reminds me of vintage presents, the sound of music and simpler days. Plus it's possibly another chance to recycle! Save them, cut them into the widest pieces you can manage  for the shape of your present (I always save little boxes through out the year to put my presents in, more recycling!)

Once you wrap this around your box with some clear tape you get to decided how you doll it up, this can be done with: Stickers, stamps, doodles, colourful string, ribbon, writing favourite or special sayings all of it, make it your own!

3. Tissue Paper/ Construction Paper / Kite Paper

I almost always use these in my gift giving in one way or another, whether its as wrapping or decoration of the wrapping.

Out of the three I've shared the brown paper bag method is my favourite because it's SO versatile; it can be adapted to the style of your friends and the inside jokes you share. Hey you can use any kind of paper for this too, it doesn't have to be brown, you know your loved ones and what they will appreciate most. For me personally it's the thought that counts; the thought that you put thought and effort into presenting this present to me.

 Have you ever made gift wrapping paper?

Peace. Love. DYI.

This post is a part of the Blogmas link up. After a solid week of posting about Christmas I may or may not be continuing with it up till the the 25th Maybe just in between. Have you been enjoying these Christmas themed posts?


  1. LOVE your post: what great ideas! When I had my shop, we'd wrap the orders in brown paper decorated with white paint splatters: everyone used to say how much they loved the idea......I think I'm going to wrap with brown paper this year for the littles, with ribbons and foliage and bakers twine....

  2. That sounds delightful! I can't wait for you to have your shop already to go again someday so I can see your creativity in action! :) Love love love brown paper, be sure to grab a snap so i can have a look see at how it goes this year :)

  3. i love brown paper/butcher paper as well and always tend to use them. so easy to draw, doodle and add personal touches to them. i also like to make my own gift bows out of magazines! they're super fun to make :)

  4. Hia....yes, I'll take photos!!!!

  5. oOoOo i like this bow idea, you must share with us someday :D

  6. I've used a brown paper bag in wrapping paper desperation, but in all honesty . . . it's the most fun because you can decorate it with anything (crayons, stamps, markers) and really make it your own and special.


  7. amen to that (part about it being special) sister!


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