Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dinner and Dinning at the True Blue Bay Resort and Villas Grenadian Staycation

The Restaurant and Dining: Saturday night I had dinner at the Dodgy Dock a restaurant on the dock joined to the hotel. I had pasta salad, corn, vegetable salad, savoury Caribbean styled macaroni pie and chicken breast barbecued live in a sweet amber sauce.

On Sunday morning, I took it easy. I went downstairs to have breakfast at the dock restaurant, where a well known gaggle of birds happily and hopefully perused the scene in hopes of being invited to pick from a plate. These birds are very popular and well known by most who frequent the area. While some may be put off by their presence my animal lover self was constantly amused by them while I ate. They never steal  if you're looking but dare not turn your back on your food or best believe they will fly away with It! I was warned by the staff though so I did not fall victim. 

I had lunch brought to my room on Saturday because I really wanted to spend some time with myself, my book and the writing I needed to get done.  Life doesn't stop when you tell it to and it was a fruitful evening. The change of scenery did me well. I had an air conditioned atmosphere within which to work and sea sounds and birds calmly encouraging me to be free and get it done. 

Sunday night I ordered dinner off the restaurant menu. It was the Mexican styled fajitas and they were carried to my table steaming off the plate with delicious sides of tomatoes, guacamole and cream cheese. I packed them to my liking, into the provided skins and ate to my hearts content.

This time dessert did not miss me ither but I took it back to my room as I again wanted to retreat to the absence of my sea side veranda. A veranda, now bathed in moonlight and solitude. My decadent dark chocolate truffle paired with vanilla ice cream and I enjoyed it.

On Monday morning I had a vast Grenadian style breakfast room serviced to me as I had a spa appointment at the Blue Haven Spa and was in a hurry. They sent up some fragrant lemon grass tea, codfish with scrambled eggs, roasted coconut bakes and a beautiful assortment of tropical fruit.

Entertainment: On Saturday night there was a live band. Tammy Baldeo performed live with an accompanying guitarist Gabriel. They were phenomenal! They enhanced the intimate, warm feel of a dimly little, on the dock, restaurant near the seaside. His guitar strummed, her voice soothed, the food digested and the sea hummed along with low ripples and rumbles. It was a beautiful evening and I was glued to my seat. I was well fed, cool, safe and entertained. 

On Sunday night I ate my fajitas to the sounds of soft calypso instrumental as the full moon glistened over the water near my table. The food was affordable and so good I was ashamed of myself guys. See you soon for more of my True Blue Bay Experience!

Monday, 31 July 2017

10 Natural Beautiful Book Nooks for the Book Lover at True Blue Bay Resort

During my stay at the True Blue Bay Resort and Villas I finished two of the three books I took with me.  The property is so serene, what reader would not be tempted to sink into comfort and get up close and personal with some fiction? As a reader I know spots I can claim to read thrill me immensely. So, during my stay I had to grab a photo of at least a few to share with you. So here are 10 Prime Natural Reading Nooks for the book lover at the True Blue Bay Resort in Grenada!


 Provided you get a room (which, you most certainly should do!) my balcony was shady or filled with streaks of light. It housed lounge chairs where I could keep a drink or other treats to snack on while I read if I needed to do. Also, the sound of the ocean lapping against the dock is addictive and the random chirping of birds in calming. There is a cool breeze whisking by so very often and if there isn't the chill sound of people playing in the water below there is tranquil solitude or the sound of the soft music being played in the restaurant rising to meet you.

Number Two: IN YOUR ROOM

 My room was full of clean open space, comfy furniture and light I could easily control. There is a fan or Air Conditioning units if you want to adjust the temperature and just stay in and avoid the ambient sound.

Number Three: STEPS

Okay it's probably best I don't encourage this one but I always find them so comfy for reading! Be mindful that you will HAVE to move if someone needs to walk in the walkway. This could disturb your submersion into a fantasy land and spoil the reading experience for you. Also passers by would be pretty annoyed and would certainly be in the right. Stairway reading isn't for everyone.


If you look closely you'll find there are benches near the entrance of the Waterfront rooms. This is where I was and it was very convenient for me to quietly enjoy the shade and the outdoors as well as the book I brought with me.

Number Five: IN THE POOL

I know it's a little weird and it's not for the faint of heart (hello precious book baby falling into water!) but this was one of my favourite spots. Especially during the golden hour. The sounds don't bother me any and I find those rocks and that view SO COMFORTABLE!!


You know, if you're not so comfortable with living life on the edge yet. I get you, I don't judge!


You're on a tropical island! Come on! At the very least, do it for the 'gram!

Number Eight: ON THE LAWN

Shady in the morning and evening, surrounded by Caribbean colours and no one else. Just you, your book and the clear Caribbean sky! What more do you need?

Number Nine: The Dodgy Dock Restaurant and Bar

Have a seat, a glass of wine or a glass of in season fruit juice. Find a table to yourself and tune everyone else out.

Number Ten: ON THE JETTY

Water lapping beneath you, ever so close to the restaurant, boats passing by and cool ocean, ACTUAL OCEAN to splash your feet into while you read.I'm starting to wonder why I ever left True Blue....

There You Have it! 10 FUN AND BEAUTIFUL NATURAL book nooks to read and enjoy your read while you vacation in Grenada! I could suggest SO MANY MORE places because the entire property is aesthetically pleasing so don't be afraid to wander around and appreciate it!

Where is your favourite place to read at True Blue Bay Resort?

Peace. Love. Happy Reading!
More to come off my True Blue adventures soon!

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Free to Wonder at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas in Grenada

The Grounds: Soon after I got to the hotel I changed and decided to go for a walk because like a real book lover on vacation, I wanted to know all the fun areas I could read books.

The grounds at True Blue Bay Resort are lush and rich with life and colour like that of sunset oranges, leafy greens and ocean blues. I had a slow easy stroll all over the property that by my estimation is wheel chair accessible to all areas with the exception of the yoga studio and spa. There are two pools, one salt water pool with that beautiful view that makes you feel like it's mouth emptied right out into the ocean and the more secluded Bay View pool. 

I took two walks around the premises. One on Saturday the other on Sunday. The whole property is easily accessible and at sundown everything is bathed by glowing light, shimmery calm sea water and blissful sounds.

I spent much time by the salt water pool just lounging and enjoying the sunset. The smaller pool was beautiful too and great for privacy. Stay tuned for a more detailed look at The Dodgy Dock and what I ate while there!
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