Saturday, 30 June 2012

Musing :: DIY - Jeans Shorts

 I love jeans. Even more so jeans shorts, I'm the kind of person who where's them around the house all the time and now that i realized i can have more?! I found my old beloved peer that i've had since i was 16 or so, i love it because it's piped with pink thread and thus so pretty :) I tried to fool myself into believing i could still wear them but i have grown since i was 16 was not a pretty sight...
Thus i dared to chop them up! I forgot to take a before picture of me wearing them so use your imagination and imagine away the cut lines :P

I also forgot to take pictures of the process so what you do is you fold over one leg directly ontop of the other in a horizontal direction. So holding both at the waits and the edge of the foot of on leg you would bring said leg to cover the other, waist to waist and foot to foot. then after deciding how short you want to go (it helps to where them first, see how they fit and what length you're comfortable with) You can either park the side of the leg with a pen or chalk slightly so you remember where and begin to cut at a slant so that the back of the jeans end up a little longer (gotta remember booty space or you'll end up with a peer of cheekys if you know what i mean ;)

 I cut them too long at first because i promise you, it's always better too long than too shorts! I thought they looked cute as Bermuda shorts too and got scared of the idea of continuing... but dang it i decided i was going all the way! So i assessed how much shorter it would need to be, with enough cloth to roll up because that's the style i was going for and then took those few extra inches off.

Ready for around the house, beach wear or wherever you want to sport them! I admit i still did take a liiiittle too much off so that they're giving me a tiny bit of trouble bending just right when i fold them so that i might have to try and sew them in place. (any volunteer needle threaders out there?)  but oh well! First go forgiveness is applicable yes?

So there you have it! TaDa! Homemade, comfy, sentimentally valuable, recycled so you've helped to save the planet, jeans shorts ^_^

Peace. Love. Recyclables!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Musing :: Mind : The Holocaust Museum's 'The Butterfly Project' and DIY - How to Make Paper Napkin Butterflies

I felt one of those bursts of creativity I get sometimes...and usually I suck at doing anything with my hands but sometimes I still try anyway! *migrated from my blog Musings In Serendipity

So I got some food colouring, put a drop or two or three in plastic glasses

Folded some plain white tissue into a little square then dipped each edge into each glass of coloured water in turn..,

Opened it out a little to dry..

almost tried and making me think 'hey! you know this would make a real pretty spring hair bow!

Here the lighting does not do it justice but TA DAaaa!!!

But what to do with these beauties now? 

Surly not waste water by throwing them away! Do you know how I FEEL about water??!

So next idea......

Mix to make brightest colours possible then close.. Orange or blue rose?

Let's try blue for the sake of it...

Next morning (cause I'm impatient) what do we have?

Blue tips! :D

Two days later what do we have?

FAILURE! The minute i touched it the petals all fell to the ground Y.Y I don't know what i did wrong lol my general suck at DIY refused to let me out without at least one failure i guess?

STILL feeling creative so i made a pipe cleaner butterfly too!

This  one i think i shall mail off to The Butterfly Project

Two out of three aint bad!!!

 Peace Love & Creativity!
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