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Few of my top fav Redheads!

I love pictures, you must know this by now! Of all forms, self taken and otherwise. I've decided to try this new series to kind of indulge myself and the pic lover in you now I'm going to go A-Z but the possibility exists that it wont be in order. This is meant to be a laid back blog lay back! and enjoy, in particular order of importance  :)

If i ever had to be any other hair colour (outside of pink of course) I'd love to be a red head! I love it! When i think fiery, sassy, independent and sexy i think 'Redhead'! And I'm a fire sign people, an Aries! So redheads? i eat that up! So, here's my R - list of my top fav Redheads!

DISCLAIMER: i don't own any of these picture's they're the property of the relevant bodies)

Red Hot Riding Hood
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Red Hot Riding Hood is an animated cartoon short subject, directed by Tex Avery and released on May 8, 1943 by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). In 1994 it was voted #7 of The 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field. It is one of Avery's most popular cartoons, inspiring several of his own "sequel" shorts as well as influencing other cartoons and feature films for years afterward. so says Wikipedia

Carol Bernette

Carol Burnett  – American comedienne and actress most famous for her own variety show, The Carol Burnett Show (1967-1978). She also appeared on Mama’s Family in a few episodes reprising the role of Eunice that she created with co-star Vickie Lawrence, and as Jamie’s mother on Mad About You. In addition, she’s done several films and voice-overs. However, she will most likely be remembered most for her ear-tugging salute to her grandmother, her hilarious Tarzan call, and her parody of Gone with the Wind called Went with the Wind.~25 Famous Redheads

I love Lucy!

I Love Lucy
is an American television sitcom starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance and William Frawley. The black-and-white series originally ran from October 15, 1951, to May 6, 1957, on the CBS. When the original series ended, the show continued for three more seasons with 13 one-hour specials, running from 1957 to 1960, known first as The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Showand later in reruns as The Lucy-Desi Comedy Show I Love Lucy was the most watched show in the United States in four of its six seasons, and was the first to end its run at the top of the Nielsen ratings (an accomplishment later matched by The Andy Griffith Show and Seinfeld ). I Love Lucy is still syndicated in dozens of languages across the world. The show was the first scripted TV program to be shot on 35 mm film in front of a studio audience, won five Emmy Awards and received numerous nominations. In 2002, it ranked second on TV Guide's list of television's greatest shows, behind Seinfeld and ahead of The Honeymooners In 2007 it was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME ~ Wikipedia

Vincent Van Gogh (My favorite Artist!
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Vincent Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) – Dutch post-Impressionist painter who lived in relative obscurity, yet, his paintings routinely fetch the largest sums at auctions. Probably best known for Starry Night, he was beset by a myriad of mental disturbances, and famously cut off the lobe of his ear in 1888.~25 Famous Redheads

Joan Harris Hallaway (i admit, she's probably my #1 Redhead!)

Joan P. Harris (née Holloway) is afictional character on AMC'S television series Mad Men. She is portrayed by Christina Hendricks. Embodying the role of femme fatale, Holloway is a "bold" and "sassy" character. Creating the character, Mad Men's creator Mathew Weiner tried not to make the character appear as a television stereotype, but unpredictable and complicated. The Boston Globe has said that Holloway occupies "a sort of middle ground between the show's main female characters, who represent opposing paths for women of their day"; as Betty Draper gave up a modeling career to become a housewife and Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) tries to become a copywriter in "a world where men routinely call women 'girls', and sometimes literally chase them through the office".Holloway is considered the queen bee of the office secretarial pool. In the season two episode "Maidenform" each secretary is categorized as either a Marlyn Monroe or a Jackie Kennedy as a campaign for Playtex, when asked what kind of woman Holloway is, Kinsey answers "Well, Marilyn's really a Joan, not the other way around"~Wikipedia

Shirley Temple
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Shirley Jane Temple (born April 23, 1928), later known as Shirley Temple Black, is an American film and television actress, singer, dancer, autobiographer, and former U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. She began her film career in 1932 at the age of three, and in 1934, skyrocketed to superstardom in Bright Eyes, a feature film designed specifically for her talents. She received a special Academy Award in February 1935, and film hits such as Curly Top and Heidi followed year after year during the mid to late 1930s

Oh how i used to confuse her for Aileen Quinn in Little Orphan Annie! Yep, that's right,


that's not little Shirley Temple but little Aileen Quinn! Boy was i shocked!

Who didn't make my Top Favs list? Here's a shocker of a 'Runner Up':

Jessica Rabbit.

Jessica Rabbit is Roger's human buxom wife in the book and movie. In the book, she was an immoral, up-and-coming star and former comic character, over whom her estranged husband, comic strip star Roger Rabbit, obsessed. She is re-imagined in the film as a sultry, but moral, cartoon singer at a Los Angeles supper club called The Ink and Paint Club. She is one of several suspects in the framing of her husband, who is a famous cartoon star~ Wikipedia

Now mind you she's probably the hottest red head that ever did grace one's lips but thing is, though i love her, her sexuality, her appeal to parody and her damn plain old awesomeness, i think Red is hotter AND is higher than likely her inspiration..

For the crazies in the crowd who don't know Jessica Rabbit she's the human wife of Roger Rabbit from the movie 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit" I was so obsessed with her as a child, i saw her somewhere and was drawn in by her curves, sass and sensuality. She was probably the character that help me 'perfect' the female form in my drawings. I remember being in what was probably the forth grade and having kids line up for me to draw them a copy of this famous gal.

Gotta love it!

So, who are your top five favorite: Red heads?

Also, before your go here is a refresher on Red Hot Riding Hood:

Memory jogged? I hope so! :D

Here is a clip from what seems to be a mixed character of Red Hot Riding Hood and Swing Shift Cinderella. Warning: PIPING hot pin up action! (essentially same character if you ask me)

Wanna know some other awesome famous red heads? check this link out. Credit goes to them for some of the historical info found here on Carol Burnett and Van Gogh :)

p.s. I got the idea for this list from my 20sb swap buddy Pop-O-Matic Deluxe, Check out her list!

p,p,s Also, you might wanna check out the Top 50 Greatest Cartoons list. How many do you recognize?

Should i do a blondes edition next?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Dae-han-min-guk! - S.Korean Dramas

Yes, I'm an Asian Drama lover, parochial to all things Korean :] The jig is up!
Don't stand to close now! Or i just may birth a love for it in your OWN heart! Don't believe me? try me! Sit with me through ONE episode and you'll see!

I love Korean culture, their movies, shows, music, fashion, language and possibly food, I'm not sure yet i haven't gotten much chance to try it...

Finally i was able to find a good friend willing to watch dramas with me, something that happened after her friend went to Korea and watched Boys Over Flowers/ Boys Before Flowers

Based of the Japanese Manga (later turned J-drama) Hana Yuri Dango!

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Check out the F4-Japan!
Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension
(May actually watch the jdrama someday it looks REALLY good!)
Short conclusion on this kdrama? What i loved? the AMAZING commandeer between our Flower Four, well done. I don't think I've ever run across a better portrayed friendship in a Korean Drama. And though BOF is not up there in my top five favorite Korean Dramas, when i finished i,t it did leave me missing the boys, in fact i almost bought a shirt with their beautiful faces!


I mean look at those precious boys! How could i resist?! May still get that shirt!.

So after we watched BOF together a group of her friends in the States and herself and I sitting in her apartment bickering happily <3 i thought Hey! Up for another? Only i FIVE star drama this time!? (i give BOF three stars at best)

And Lo and behold, we watched the current Creme of the crop:

Secret Garden

IF you do not like the Korean Dram Secret Garden...then it's okay it's cool i guess it's not for everybody....

This drama has plot, amazingly choreographed fight scenes, beautiful sets and DON'T even get me STARTED on the actors MIND blowing performances!
Hyun Bin as Main Male Character(MMC) : Kim Joo Won and Ha Ji Won as Main Female Character (FMC) Gil Ra Im?! You wont know what hit you! But I won't do a full review now, i wouldn't be doing this amazing kdrama justice and i would never want to do that! Let me know if you're interested in me doing one though :)

I will say this though, I haven't seen chemistry like this since Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng in my favorite Taiwanese Drama (and first Asian Drama i ever watched, how LUCKY am i?!)

It Started With A Kiss

Based on the popular Japanese Manga Itazura No Kiss (later turned Anime)

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox ExtensionPhotobucket

Since this is the original if you're a Japanese Manga and or Anime lover it's a fun experience...

They recently made a Korean adaptation known as 'Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss'
which i happen to hate. If given the choice watch 'It Started With A Kiss'. Looking at the posters alone should tell you the amount of work put in. Just the facial expressions on Taiwanese actors Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng draw you into a deeper story. That peered with the accurate portrayal on the poster of Ariel's character trying to 'paste herself next to him and fit into his life' while Joe looks unimpressed with a kind of 'really?' look at the camera as apposed to the Korean actors who have a should i even call those looks? plastic expressions?
Also, Korean Dramas and Taiwanese Dramas are two VERY different experiences, for this amazing story the Taiwanese did it best. (Sorry Korea but you failed me on this one)

Well That was a very unintentionally lengthy post about Asian Dramas and what they mean to me which brings me to The Point!

The Korean Drama: Hello My Teacher
Korean Name: 건빵선생과 별사탕 / Geon-bbang-seon-saeng-kwa Byeol-sa-tang
Also Known As: Hardtack Teacher and Star Candy / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy
Number of Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period:
2005-Apr-13 to 2005-Jun-02
Air time:
Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

My friend and I and some MORE awesome people shall be watching this together...i hope!

Viewing Schedule
Episode 1 – 21st August
Episode 2 – 28th August
Episode 3 – 4th September
Episode 4 – 11th September
Episode 5 – 18th September
Episode 6 – 25th September
Episode 7 – 2nd September
Episode 8 – 9th October
Episode 9 – 16th October
Episode 10 – 26th October
Episode 11 - 30th October
Episode 12 – 6th November
Episode 13 – 13th November
Episode 14 – 20th November
Episode 15 – 27th November
Episode 16 - 4th December

. Feel free to join our viewing experience! :D

Now i leave you with a little slice of Korean culture by way of my favorite Korean Boy Group Big Bang as they demonstrate their shout and peered dance for the 2010 Fifa World Cup, ENJOY!

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