Saturday, 30 December 2017

2017 Recap: On being the Princess, the Dragon and the Knight and his Horse

Cool picture aboard the Logos Hope

So here is what happened to me in 2017:

I stopped complaining about things I was worried about and started investing my time in activity that could fix it. Which is to say, I stopped saying I cannot cook, started cooking things, got better at it, got bored of it, started saying instead I do not cook, understood the difference and walked away from the experience understanding that I can feed myself and not die of starvation if I ever have to do so but generally, don't like doing it and have no time to waste in this life doing things I don't like doing, if I don't have to do. I did some serious adulting. I worked myself ragged. I was under appreciated for it. I wrote and wrote and wrote and thrived between the pages. I read like my life depended on it because parts of it did. I had a mental health break down of sorts or two or five who's counting? I got the heck outta dodge. My problems followed me because DUH. I let my problems talk shit to me for a long time. I let my problems talk sense to me on in empty train cars when it was just us. I danced! I walked. I trusted myself. I saw that I could. I believed that I could and I did. I got lost in the middle of an unfamiliar big city and freaked out about it. I got unlost and wasn't good to myself about it. I got lost a lot more. I got unlost and triumphed. I had pink hair. I let go.  I was ignored. I cried less. I smiled less too. I worried. I got very sick, a lot. I had surgery but you know that's like every year now and I tried to accept that this is my life now. I drank more water. I loved. I had love taken advantaged, I decided to stop giving away my trust. I didn't get out of bed. I got out of bed. I got really passive aggressive with God. I loved and trusted Him anyway. I got hurt by people who promised they would never do so... on purpose. I changed.  I appreciated leaves and rain and sea. I remembered that I am a boss. I was a boss. I got really sick some more. I got frustrated about it. I got angry at my body. I got angry at my heart. I grieved my past. I grieved my dreamy future. I was gracious with myself. I directed some of that wealth of kindness I had to give inward. I changed some more. I made great strides as a business woman. I did work for my clients and they were satisfied with it. My business grew. I planned. I had plans fail. I had to slow down. I got angry. I got loud. I fought back. I spoke up. I walked away. I appreciated me when others did not. I pin pointed character flaws in myself that though meant for good were miscommunicated. I saved those parts of myself for other parts of my life. I slept. I woke. I kept going. I didn't die. I found new dreams of which to be afraid. I didn't die. I keep going.

It's been a hell of a year but I'm still here.

Hey 2018, here's spit in your eye.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Spice Bloggers Meet Up : A Conversation on Listening

Yeah, I know these pictures are super blurry and completely unfiltered and I'm not changing a thing. What you see here ladies and gentlemen is a group of people changing the world with their talents and passions. Real people, with compassion and fear and a whole lot of bravery in an unfiltered real world.

Studios make me happy

I've been craving some truth lately. It's easy to loose sight of it when you're an influencer and a lot of your job brings you to places filled with filters and fame.

I don't ever want to forget why I do what I do. Why I am so honest and have such a big personality and love hard and laugh loud and smile far too big for the comfort of many. My shirt says hug a tree by the way, just thought I'd add that in, you know, cause it's important. I am a person who loves genuine connection with others. I am a person and I love people. I love talking with them and learning from them and teaching them. I also love dogs and the sky and long walks one the...wait where where we? Oh, right, people.

 Grenada Soul Adventurer and I lookin' all good ans stuff

This year was a tough one. Boy oh boy did I get sick. Not the usual sick either, not the albino in the Caribbean oh crap here is that whole skin cancer thing again. I mean that totally happened but that's not the star of this story, stay with me. I got sick in ways that changed my personality. That slowed me down and shut me up and got me fighting mad about it. Cause i'm pretty grand and I didn't like being changed from the inside in a painful way.

Fair to say it brought on quite a crisis of faith and I'm not even better! I am remembering who I am though, living and trusting what I believe and continuing just...continuing.  But you know what made it harder?  Believing the lies that surround us every day. The filters and the fame and the planned smiles and the speeches made without listening in return.

All those broad selfie smiles and kick ass accomplishments that I hadn't finished accomplishing not for lack of trying. For a moment there I almost forgot that we are real people who take blurry pictures and are living pretty blurry lives trying to make sense of it all.

Maybe some people have it complete figured out. To which I say, stay away from me you lying lier lie face. I'm kidding, good on you and well done but also give me the broken, give me the cracked. Give me those who mend their cracks with gold and say here I am, whole and beautiful still. Let me learn from those people. Where are their instagram pages?

I am not saying I have not been authentic in my struggle. The truth is most of the things you know about, most of the things I share on social media are pretty great! I finished my degree, I have a job, I travelled recently and I don't hate who I am. I'm also rather in love with my God and believe in Him with all of my heart and I stay unashamed about this. Not even asking you to understand that either!

I guess I'm just saying, here I am and here we are on this earth, a group of hard workers who deserve to be happy too. Real people who fail and succeed and then fail again so hard and then succeed SO GOOD and you don't always get to see the entire equation...but I want you to know it. I truly believe that authenticity will always be more healing and impacting than pretence. I have dedicated my life to the truest truth. Flaws and all. I have been hurt as a result of that decision so deeply you wouldn't believe....but something tells me, you totally would believe because pain my friend, is something to which most humans can relate even from the wariest and latest of age.

Msy.Chrissy, Malaika who facilitated our session at Spice Harmony Yoga Studio who hosted us, Grenada Soul AdventurerKered, Amber Kane (serving up that face i love it!) and Antonio

So here we are living beautiful painful lives and changing the world anyway with our blurry pictures and silly smiles.

Listen well to your truth even if your truth is painful. Let yourself hear it and feel it. Then be compassionate to yourself and others. Maybe you wont be able to share it all but accept that that's okay because sometimes only you need to hear you. Since you're the only one feeling this, you are the only one that can validate those feelings.

Hey or you could write that shit down or dance that shit out. People are dumb and they will fail you but words and a good solo dance party? oOoOo BABY!  Maaaan, self doubt who?!

I hope that when you are alone at night in your bed fighting off the confusion of the pain you feel at some point or another that you remember: it hurts because you are alive, it hurts because you feel it. Feeling is one of the best perks of being alive!

So at this get together we sat and were real with each other.  We talked strategy and truth and moving forward with an air of compassion and with much admiration and laughter for what we have accomplished with our unique gifts.

I feel like compassion is a rare jem these days in these of consumerism and get rich fast or die trying. I was really happy for this space in time and for the realness.

Peace. Love. Feeling!

Monday, 18 December 2017

Book Boat in GND : Visiting the Logos Hope

So the Logos Hope returned to our shores recently. It is a boat full of books manned by a Christian organisation. Click here to see my visit via youtube video! I remember going when I was much younger. Our island doesn't currently have a public library so now it's even MORE of a thrill the idea of a boat being full of books, a library on the ocean, going shore to shore. Also, since I'm a Christian, it's double fold exciting!

I got a chance to take my little cousins who had never been on a boat before the experience.

The shy one wanted a puzzle book and pen, her little sister who is much more boisterous usually got them she informed me and she finishes them for her since her sister doesn't really like them. I hooked her up,

The loud one came to me shy and quiet with a Frozen book. When I asked her if she was sure she wanted this one she said in such a small voice 'I really love Elsa...' and in kind of hurt me because she said it as though she thought it wasn't okay for her to love the idea of a bold, brave, boisterous princess who takes on being different and fights alongside her sister for the good of their Kingdom. She's eight. What are we doing if our eight year olds feel like they have to grow up so fast that they are not allowed to want to read a story about a brave princess? I hooked her up.

There is quite an argument going on on my island about the need for and lack of a public library. Some say that because the people have rallied to create a modest community library in the capital so we don't need one. Some say libraries are archaic and no longer necessary.

When you out source help as an independent nation,  go to some kind fat pocketed people and ask them for money to build your country up and they respond so you are saying the people have rallied and volunteered and created a library of their own so clearly they want it and other kind donors have helped build school libraries though the continuance and expansion of those are largely in the hands of the schools...when they ask so what have you done as a government then and now to ensure sustainability? What do you say I wonder...

Here is my take as an educator, a reader, a writer and a citizen. The largest countries in the world have libraries on each block to this day. Organisation put founding aside year after year to build libraries in developing countries to this day. When they took the oldest civilisations in the world, they burned their libraries and put a stop to their language.

Children must see reading made important by the people whose opinion they actually respect. If our government does not think it is important to set aside space for a NATIONAL PUBLIC LIBRARY why should they believe that literacy is important, if the relevant bodies wont even give it designated space?

The easiest way to see a people disappear is to halt their cataloguing of their history. To destroy their libraries and their language. Libraries are the resting place of language and literature. Literature is the ultimate catalogue of culture.

Peace. Love. If Not Now When?

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Summer of 2017 and that time I ran away from home

So....I know how childish that shounds but I promise I did it in the most adult way i could manage. I was kind of dying. Not the kind of death you can see....The kind I was dying as a creative writer who needed more out of life than she was getting even though she was getting quiet a lot. This year has been marvellous for me, I did so many big, great and amazing things, I lived and loved in my country and I made memories I will always value. There is something in me however, a hunger that only travelling to a place far bigger than I am can feed. This reminds me in a very real way that I am more, that I can do more, that I am stardust and dirt and God's very breath made flesh and it is wonderful. There comes a time when I forget this and my life blood dries up slow. I was circling to drain y'all.

So, I stopped everything and I left my home, alone. I ventured out into a world bigger than me to do bigger than me things and as always it was full of fear and faith, just like I am.

2. I HAD PINK HAIR!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, this is it's own point. It was phenomenal! I've always wanted pink hair! It's been on my bucket list for years but i never dyed my own because I wanted a very specific colour. This year. I had it and it made my soul sing. It reminded me too to trust myself that I knew exactly what I wanted from this life.


I went out into the world and did a compilation of small things that were very big for me when put together. I took buses and trains. I got lost, freaked out.  Visited book stores, ate new food, let myself be uncomfortable and enjoyed being by myself!


I have a great crew of people who love me scattered all about the world and last year I found jems that were very kind and became very important to me and my life. I saw them again and it made me SO HAPPY just to hug them and

be honest with them in the room and laugh and just....i don't know I cant explain the things I miss about my friends but I gave me life to be with them again on the same side walk.


I really like to dance. I danced a lot. haha I even danced for 3 - 4 hours straight one night. It was glorious.


My style can be so weird but it was so fun to do as I saw fit this summer

Which isn't like my dream of seeing a Broadway play but it's closer than not seeing one and I'm working my way up.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Jewellery of the Day :: Ambition and Laughter

Hey everyone! I've been noticeably absent for some time, I promise an update as to why very soon! Meanwhile, here is a post a little unconventional. While at an event I meant a beautiful and kind jewellery maker and really we got to talking. I didn't expect anything from it but a great conversation between two creatives. Well, wouldn't you know it, we stayed in contact over social media and I was later gifted a bit of her wonderful work to share with you! I'm so grateful for this maker's kindness in choosing to share her work with me.

I was gifted this lovely little bracelet by Tedicah, a jewellery creator who's just moved back to Grenada and about to open a little jewellery store with a catchy cute name 'Love at First Bite

The bracelet is made of natural goldstone and haematite. Goldstone is said to be created by French monks and is also known as the stone of ambition. It is said to help attain one's goals, to stay calm and to stabilize the emotions. Hematite stones are magnetic and are used for stability and grounding by many. The head stone is a Buddha head.

Now I'm a Christian  and typically don't wear Buddha jewellery or use stones for healing properties. Not because I've got anything against Buddha, personally I find so many of his teachings in keeping with Christian philosophy that I think we'd have had great conversation he and I. As for healing through stones and crystals it's not my cup of tea. I do really like this bracelet though, a large part being due to it's cute craftsmanship and especially for the saying on it's charm.

When I wear it, it reminds me to Live, to Laugh and to Love. It reminds me that life is more than our various commitments. So for me this beautiful bracelet serves as a reminder that life is big, laughter is a gift and God's love is abundant. If you are a practising Buddhist it may say something else for you.

I had a short interview with the creator of this piece and this is what she shared. Tedicah: I started jewellery making through boredom; it wasn't always yogi jewellery as I started off loving macramé. I got a horrible backache one day and decided to try yoga - shortly after the mala/ yogi jewellery making began! It keeps me calm and busy, plus I love it! '

At present she only display her work on Instagram @be.jewelledbytedicah and soon at 'Love at First Bite', a small cafe in the making, on Maurice Bishop highway next to Rubis gas station, ( scheduled to open after Carnival). You can also call her up via 14734582142. if you're interested in scoring your own meaningful, hand made piece or getting one as a gift for the quickly approaching Christmas season!

My most treasured things, the ones that mean most to me are always the ones given to me as a gift. I am sentimental like that my close friends know. So thank you again for the reminder to stay cool, calm and collected Tedicah!

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Book Review :: An Enchantment of Ravens

I gave this book 5 stars. 

I LOVED this book. It is a short, atmospheric and lightly spooky read filled with the best elements of moody folklore and fairytale. The author uses masterful imagery, setting personification and poetic diction to weave a vivid and enthralling tale of adventure, fantasy and romance.

The author personifies the forest heavily; the trees and even the very shadows they create seem to have a will that is human in drive and determination to live and fight back. It is as though the writer has taken the very essence of an Autumn October, turned it to ink and then wrote from that ink every word on the pages of her book. Every chilled wind, stray vibrant leaf and special seasonal treat come together to create the perfect setting for this short tale of ancient prices and shadowy lore. It is one broody but sweet adventure that sets to work all of your senses for a holistic reading experience.

Her diction is poetic, it makes you feel like you've been swept up in a ball room dance that is this story of two lovers, forbidden to love by the laws of nature and creation themselves.

Margaret Rogerson's use of imagery is bold, colourful and sensory in all respects. Her use of folklore is both enchanting and brooding. This novel makes you want to sip it slow and savour its season while being uniquely aware of the beauty of volatility found in the living and in the dying and the changing.

The character of Rook is cocky and princely but naive and proud and the mix somehow results in humerus folly and witty charm. Rooks powers and the waning of them we are privy to as our characters journey continues, also show us the impracticality of a desire for immortality. It becomes a metaphor for how such a desire, if achieved is inherently unnatural, warring with the concept of time, goodness and longevity.

Isobel's distaste for the notion of immortality is made continuously tangible with her approach to food in the fae courts as though to reinforce that it is slotted once unto man to die, everything else seems to result in a lengthy state of rot and the remnants and remembrance of living instead.

Isobel is a driven artist with a vivid view of the world. All the world's pigments come across as tainted in a heavy, weighty saturation she manages to emotionally express on paper, both its beauty and it's horrid gloom. This turns out to be both part of her mastery of skill and the thread of her undoing.

Honesty, adventure and trust are what hasten their romance. While it remains ever easy to go the route of 'fae prince and human girl in need fall in love' the author dares her characters to question timeliness, choice and validity of what they feel, bringing an interesting modern realness to the story.

All in all it is a fantastic, one sitting read with a beautiful cover that gets you swept up in elemental courts both in your imagination and with the accompaniment of all of your senses.  There are themes of savoured seasons, the fantastical elemental, longing, love and more. One of those books that is in and of it self an experience all yours to savour like a hot beverage on a chilled evening, on an empty bench at a park, during the golden hours.

One of the quotes I loved:
"You are like a living rose among wax flowers, we maybe last forever but you bloom brighter and smell sweeter and draw blood with thorns" ~ Margaret Rogerson: An Enchantment of Ravens

And isn't that the beauty of a temporary life itself?

Follow me on goodreads to see what else I'm reading.

Saturday, 16 September 2017


You are not dreaming. You are reading that absolutely right. Now you can have a SPA DAY stay-cation much like I did at the exquisite True Blue Bay Resort in nothing but a few steps. Answer these questions below for your chance to win!!

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Book Review :: My Hair Grows Like A Tree by Tamika Phillip

My hair grows like a tree is a beautiful reading and activity book geared towards young girls between the ages of 7-13.

The author uses visual imagery of all natural shapes and sizes and captures the positive message of growth, individuality and self love. All revolving around the theme of unique hair and nature.

In this book, the reader is encouraged to not just read about hair but to evaluate it in an up close and personal way. The writer does not stop at self evaluation but encourages the reader to notice that of the people around them. They are prompted to research, ask questions and conduct detailed observations through arts and crafts. As a result, the reading experience seeps past the pages and engaging all of the senses, as one is urged to be hands on, to always be listening, seeing and learning.

The book contains numerous hair styles on girls of varying skin tones and every hair type is celebrated from the high hair styles that are said to be tree like in shape to the low hair styles that are likened to lush grass.

The book also includes numerous examples both through pictures and line sketches of rich fruit of different shapes and sizes in an effort to underscore the message of individuality. Also included are original author sketches and encouragement for the reader to make sketches of their very own, based on their own observation, so that the learning process is set to work through action.

It is evident this book urges those reading to explore learning, the world around them and the individuality within them, through this book's pages. Pages that provide themselves, as a vehicle of representation.

At it's end it encourages readers to see meaning behind the way a person's hair is warn even in different cultures and ethnicities and it goes on to share some information on strong female rulers of colour that have reigned through out history.

At it's core this book is a positively worded and proactive approach to body image and cultural representation. It pairs learning with numerous activities that will allow knowledge to stick around past the time spent between the books covers. It encourages exploration of the world around us and the world of ability, wealth and value within us all.

Every young girl of colour should be fortunate enough to get their hands on this book or at the very least one like it that celebrates facets of their life often under negative scrutiny. Then, they can be exposed instead to positive and impacting self examination in a way that encourages collaboration between the old and the young as Tamika Phillip does in her book My Hair Grows Like A Tree.

Thank you so much to the author for this review copy! Be sure to add her book to your to be read list on goodreads or pick up a copy at the House of Chocolate if you so see fit! If you're interested in sending me an ARC of your up coming release for an honest review, feel free to contact me on any of my social media or via email.

If you could liken your hair to anything what would it be? I think I've always likened my hair more to puffer fish, beautiful but a stealthy changer upper on me before I know it haha

Peace. Love. Healthy Hair~
both photos in this post by: Arthur Daniel

Friday, 25 August 2017

Staff, Service and Final Thoughts on my True Blue Bay Grenadian Staycation

The Service: The staff of the True Blue Bay Resort was very good to me. They were so helpful and I cannot count the number of times a staff member saw me apparently wondering around and made it their business to ask if I was okay or needed help. My greeter was understanding when I took some time to sign my form at the front desk upon arrival. Those who guided me to my room were informative. Room services was helpful whenever they came, taking my dishes away even though it is typically a task for house keeping. My waitress on the first day was reluctant when I first asked her to read the menu to me NOT because she was rude but because she was trying to services the needs of as many people that were waiting for her return to her table as possible. I respect that, nobody wants a waitress or waiter that dilly-dallies and I appreciate that she wasn't rude about it. Also, upon her return with the dessert menu she OFFERED to read it to me out of concern over the small print.

When there was a mix up at the end of the night where I expected her and thought I'd been forgotten she found me the next night and expressed concern for me! Turns out, I misunderstood her and she made sure I did not leave without my desert on Sunday night.

Story time: Here is something I  overheard that I really appreciate:  one of my waitresses was on her way over to me when one of them started whispering quickly and over and over in what she thought was  a low voice 'Don't give that to her, don't give that to her! Come. come!' she said and my waitress retreated. I was so amused because for them the most important thing in that time for serving me well. So much so that they forgot my ears work just fine haha, She returned with A TABLET SO I COULD SEE THE DESSERT MENU WITH MINIMAL DIFFICULTY! Y'all! I appreciate this attention to detail, this learning how to services ones guests come what may! I love that they are paying attention!

I even heard my servers singing along to the live music which I loved because it is a literal nod to whistling while you work. When a person enjoys their job, it makes you enjoy interacting with them even more!

On Saturday at breakfast the staff was again ever helpful, providing extra cutlery when needed, providing warning about our bird guests and laughing along with guests who were having good Caribbean life fun.

Areas for improvement: I did tell you I would give an honest review. If I had to grade my service I would certainly give it a score of 4.5 out of 5 because I did encounter at least two people who did not seem all too pleased to provide me with any aid.

As a visually impaired solo travel I do wish many of the documents, signing in and out sheets and menus were made available digitally through email or otherwise. Perhaps even before my stay began. In this time of accessibility I feel like more and more places have a chance to go paperless and this hotel, who is making green living and energy conservation part of their vision for the future is no exception. I do appreciate their strides towards green living so far as this is reflected in their choice of furniture, their allowance of birds at the restoration as I'm sure it was originally their environment before it ever was ours and the inclusion of recycle bins in the rooms.

Though it was very easy to get to the hotel I thought it was a little too difficult to leave. While I could order a taxi through the front desk taxis tend to be pricey in most places and in my opinion that includes my country. I feel that the opportunity is there for a shuttle on retainer to at least take guests to the main road with their bags at a reasonable price. Once at the main road, going in any direction is scores easier. I was informed however, that the hotel does have a beach shuttle and with a little coordination of check out time, one could likely hitch a lift out to the main road that way. Consider that a 'pro tip'.

My over all stay at the True Blue Bay Resort and Villas was just what I needed at the time, peaceful and full of activities I could freely choose to be a part of or from which I could obtain. The grounds are beautiful, the service is good, the food is abundant and varying and the room is designed to make you so very happy and at home away from home. The facilities are largely accessible and there is available help everywhere if you run into difficulty. This includes the existence of wheel chair accessible rooms.

I am grateful for the opportunity to dwell in peace for that weekend and to experience a hotel built to appease the international eye from a local perspective. I'm already planning my next trip back, perhaps mothers day? It's so important to make intentional decisions to treat yourself well, to remember that you are just as valuable at home as you are abroad. Thank you to True Blue Bay Resort and Villas for giving me a chance to come face to face with that and I hope you will give them a chance to do the same for you!

Did someone say giveaway? Stay tuned for a HUGE surprise!

Peace. Love Treat Your Self!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Spa Day at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas

The Spa: My spa experience was seamless euphoria. I chose to have a mint soak because I am often affected by respiratory issues and I looked forward to breathing easy and clear. I knew mint would do this for me. The water was littered in bright pops of bougainvillea petals and I sank into that gorgeous run of hot water, looking out over the miraculous sea view and sighing with bliss. My blessings seemed close enough to touch just then... I can't say when last I've sat in a tub and just lived, breathed, closed my eyes and acknowledged the moment as nine and mine alone.

When my twenty minutes of letting my body absorb essential oils was through, I went straight on to my massage appointment two doors down. My masseuse was a well informed professional that made small talk with me the whole time and I really appreciated that interaction. We started by getting my health history out of the way, so that we were both clear what would be acceptable and effective for us both.

I got a medium pressure massage and learned that day that deep tissue massages (the only other massage I have ever had) are most effective and suggested for athletes. 

Let me tell you, I was surprised to find that my body was filled with tension all over. It made me a little ashamed of myself to be honest. Tension in my lower arm, my left side thigh, my feet! The aches and pains in my body were proof that I really had not been respecting, listening to and taking care of it as much as I taught I was doing. My body had clearly been trying to tell me things but I just had not been hearing it. I had not been actively listening. I know that everyone may not have a message but that experience taught me that they are worth it.  A moment in a a room with a professional to hear your body parts speak and cry out for help in a language you may not have yet correctly translated is surely worth a moment of your time.

When I was through my masseuse talked with me about skin care, skin type and how best to hydrate. She spoke to me of my areas of tension, of if and why she needed to apply a little more than medium pressure when she asked for my permission to so do. She was so informed, so kind and so open with me about health and my bodies needs. I cannot thank her enough.

Now lets talk a little about the service and my next post! See you soon!

Want to book your own spa day at True Blue Bay Resort? Click Here!
OR ENTER MY GIVEAWAY TO WIN ONE! Over on instagram. Check out my account for more details, @thewordyphoenix or this post for each and every step

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Dinner and Dinning at the True Blue Bay Resort and Villas Grenadian Staycation

The Restaurant and Dining: Saturday night I had dinner at the Dodgy Dock a restaurant on the dock joined to the hotel. I had pasta salad, corn, vegetable salad, savoury Caribbean styled macaroni pie and chicken breast barbecued live in a sweet amber sauce.

On Sunday morning, I took it easy. I went downstairs to have breakfast at the dock restaurant, where a well known gaggle of birds happily and hopefully perused the scene in hopes of being invited to pick from a plate. These birds are very popular and well known by most who frequent the area. While some may be put off by their presence my animal lover self was constantly amused by them while I ate. They never steal  if you're looking but dare not turn your back on your food or best believe they will fly away with It! I was warned by the staff though so I did not fall victim. 

I had lunch brought to my room on Saturday because I really wanted to spend some time with myself, my book and the writing I needed to get done.  Life doesn't stop when you tell it to and it was a fruitful evening. The change of scenery did me well. I had an air conditioned atmosphere within which to work and sea sounds and birds calmly encouraging me to be free and get it done. 

Sunday night I ordered dinner off the restaurant menu. It was the Mexican styled fajitas and they were carried to my table steaming off the plate with delicious sides of tomatoes, guacamole and cream cheese. I packed them to my liking, into the provided skins and ate to my hearts content.

This time dessert did not miss me ither but I took it back to my room as I again wanted to retreat to the absence of my sea side veranda. A veranda, now bathed in moonlight and solitude. My decadent dark chocolate truffle paired with vanilla ice cream and I enjoyed it.

On Monday morning I had a vast Grenadian style breakfast room serviced to me as I had a spa appointment at the Blue Haven Spa and was in a hurry. They sent up some fragrant lemon grass tea, codfish with scrambled eggs, roasted coconut bakes and a beautiful assortment of tropical fruit.

Entertainment: On Saturday night there was a live band. Tammy Baldeo performed live with an accompanying guitarist Gabriel. They were phenomenal! They enhanced the intimate, warm feel of a dimly little, on the dock, restaurant near the seaside. His guitar strummed, her voice soothed, the food digested and the sea hummed along with low ripples and rumbles. It was a beautiful evening and I was glued to my seat. I was well fed, cool, safe and entertained. 

On Sunday night I ate my fajitas to the sounds of soft calypso instrumental as the full moon glistened over the water near my table. The food was affordable and so good I was ashamed of myself guys. See you soon for more of my True Blue Bay Experience!

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