Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Jewellery of the Day :: Ambition and Laughter

Hey everyone! I've been noticeably absent for some time, I promise an update as to why very soon! Meanwhile, here is a post a little unconventional. While at an event I meant a beautiful and kind jewellery maker and really we got to talking. I didn't expect anything from it but a great conversation between two creatives. Well, wouldn't you know it, we stayed in contact over social media and I was later gifted a bit of her wonderful work to share with you! I'm so grateful for this maker's kindness in choosing to share her work with me.

I was gifted this lovely little bracelet by Tedicah, a jewellery creator who's just moved back to Grenada and about to open a little jewellery store with a catchy cute name 'Love at First Bite

The bracelet is made of natural goldstone and haematite. Goldstone is said to be created by French monks and is also known as the stone of ambition. It is said to help attain one's goals, to stay calm and to stabilize the emotions. Hematite stones are magnetic and are used for stability and grounding by many. The head stone is a Buddha head.

Now I'm a Christian  and typically don't wear Buddha jewellery or use stones for healing properties. Not because I've got anything against Buddha, personally I find so many of his teachings in keeping with Christian philosophy that I think we'd have had great conversation he and I. As for healing through stones and crystals it's not my cup of tea. I do really like this bracelet though, a large part being due to it's cute craftsmanship and especially for the saying on it's charm.

When I wear it, it reminds me to Live, to Laugh and to Love. It reminds me that life is more than our various commitments. So for me this beautiful bracelet serves as a reminder that life is big, laughter is a gift and God's love is abundant. If you are a practising Buddhist it may say something else for you.

I had a short interview with the creator of this piece and this is what she shared. Tedicah: I started jewellery making through boredom; it wasn't always yogi jewellery as I started off loving macramé. I got a horrible backache one day and decided to try yoga - shortly after the mala/ yogi jewellery making began! It keeps me calm and busy, plus I love it! '

At present she only display her work on Instagram @be.jewelledbytedicah and soon at 'Love at First Bite', a small cafe in the making, on Maurice Bishop highway next to Rubis gas station, ( scheduled to open after Carnival). You can also call her up via 14734582142. if you're interested in scoring your own meaningful, hand made piece or getting one as a gift for the quickly approaching Christmas season!

My most treasured things, the ones that mean most to me are always the ones given to me as a gift. I am sentimental like that my close friends know. So thank you again for the reminder to stay cool, calm and collected Tedicah!

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  1. Thank you so much. This is beautiful! ❤❤❤❤


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