Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Free to Wonder at True Blue Bay Resort and Villas in Grenada

The Grounds: Soon after I got to the hotel I changed and decided to go for a walk because like a real book lover on vacation, I wanted to know all the fun areas I could read books.

The grounds at True Blue Bay Resort are lush and rich with life and colour like that of sunset oranges, leafy greens and ocean blues. I had a slow easy stroll all over the property that by my estimation is wheel chair accessible to all areas with the exception of the yoga studio and spa. There are two pools, one salt water pool with that beautiful view that makes you feel like it's mouth emptied right out into the ocean and the more secluded Bay View pool. 

I took two walks around the premises. One on Saturday the other on Sunday. The whole property is easily accessible and at sundown everything is bathed by glowing light, shimmery calm sea water and blissful sounds.

I spent much time by the salt water pool just lounging and enjoying the sunset. The smaller pool was beautiful too and great for privacy. Stay tuned for a more detailed look at The Dodgy Dock and what I ate while there!

Want to know more about the True Blue Bay Resort community? Click Here!

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