Friday, 25 August 2017

Staff, Service and Final Thoughts on my True Blue Bay Grenadian Staycation

The Service: The staff of the True Blue Bay Resort was very good to me. They were so helpful and I cannot count the number of times a staff member saw me apparently wondering around and made it their business to ask if I was okay or needed help. My greeter was understanding when I took some time to sign my form at the front desk upon arrival. Those who guided me to my room were informative. Room services was helpful whenever they came, taking my dishes away even though it is typically a task for house keeping. My waitress on the first day was reluctant when I first asked her to read the menu to me NOT because she was rude but because she was trying to services the needs of as many people that were waiting for her return to her table as possible. I respect that, nobody wants a waitress or waiter that dilly-dallies and I appreciate that she wasn't rude about it. Also, upon her return with the dessert menu she OFFERED to read it to me out of concern over the small print.

When there was a mix up at the end of the night where I expected her and thought I'd been forgotten she found me the next night and expressed concern for me! Turns out, I misunderstood her and she made sure I did not leave without my desert on Sunday night.

Story time: Here is something I  overheard that I really appreciate:  one of my waitresses was on her way over to me when one of them started whispering quickly and over and over in what she thought was  a low voice 'Don't give that to her, don't give that to her! Come. come!' she said and my waitress retreated. I was so amused because for them the most important thing in that time for serving me well. So much so that they forgot my ears work just fine haha, She returned with A TABLET SO I COULD SEE THE DESSERT MENU WITH MINIMAL DIFFICULTY! Y'all! I appreciate this attention to detail, this learning how to services ones guests come what may! I love that they are paying attention!

I even heard my servers singing along to the live music which I loved because it is a literal nod to whistling while you work. When a person enjoys their job, it makes you enjoy interacting with them even more!

On Saturday at breakfast the staff was again ever helpful, providing extra cutlery when needed, providing warning about our bird guests and laughing along with guests who were having good Caribbean life fun.

Areas for improvement: I did tell you I would give an honest review. If I had to grade my service I would certainly give it a score of 4.5 out of 5 because I did encounter at least two people who did not seem all too pleased to provide me with any aid.

As a visually impaired solo travel I do wish many of the documents, signing in and out sheets and menus were made available digitally through email or otherwise. Perhaps even before my stay began. In this time of accessibility I feel like more and more places have a chance to go paperless and this hotel, who is making green living and energy conservation part of their vision for the future is no exception. I do appreciate their strides towards green living so far as this is reflected in their choice of furniture, their allowance of birds at the restoration as I'm sure it was originally their environment before it ever was ours and the inclusion of recycle bins in the rooms.

Though it was very easy to get to the hotel I thought it was a little too difficult to leave. While I could order a taxi through the front desk taxis tend to be pricey in most places and in my opinion that includes my country. I feel that the opportunity is there for a shuttle on retainer to at least take guests to the main road with their bags at a reasonable price. Once at the main road, going in any direction is scores easier. I was informed however, that the hotel does have a beach shuttle and with a little coordination of check out time, one could likely hitch a lift out to the main road that way. Consider that a 'pro tip'.

My over all stay at the True Blue Bay Resort and Villas was just what I needed at the time, peaceful and full of activities I could freely choose to be a part of or from which I could obtain. The grounds are beautiful, the service is good, the food is abundant and varying and the room is designed to make you so very happy and at home away from home. The facilities are largely accessible and there is available help everywhere if you run into difficulty. This includes the existence of wheel chair accessible rooms.

I am grateful for the opportunity to dwell in peace for that weekend and to experience a hotel built to appease the international eye from a local perspective. I'm already planning my next trip back, perhaps mothers day? It's so important to make intentional decisions to treat yourself well, to remember that you are just as valuable at home as you are abroad. Thank you to True Blue Bay Resort and Villas for giving me a chance to come face to face with that and I hope you will give them a chance to do the same for you!

Did someone say giveaway? Stay tuned for a HUGE surprise!

Peace. Love Treat Your Self!

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  1. True Blue has one of the best service/staff on the island hands down!


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