Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Musing :: Mind : The Holocaust Museum's 'The Butterfly Project' and DIY - How to Make Paper Napkin Butterflies

I felt one of those bursts of creativity I get sometimes...and usually I suck at doing anything with my hands but sometimes I still try anyway! *migrated from my blog Musings In Serendipity

So I got some food colouring, put a drop or two or three in plastic glasses

Folded some plain white tissue into a little square then dipped each edge into each glass of coloured water in turn..,

Opened it out a little to dry..

almost tried and making me think 'hey! you know this would make a real pretty spring hair bow!

Here the lighting does not do it justice but TA DAaaa!!!

But what to do with these beauties now? 

Surly not waste water by throwing them away! Do you know how I FEEL about water??!

So next idea......

Mix to make brightest colours possible then close.. Orange or blue rose?

Let's try blue for the sake of it...

Next morning (cause I'm impatient) what do we have?

Blue tips! :D

Two days later what do we have?

FAILURE! The minute i touched it the petals all fell to the ground Y.Y I don't know what i did wrong lol my general suck at DIY refused to let me out without at least one failure i guess?

STILL feeling creative so i made a pipe cleaner butterfly too!

This  one i think i shall mail off to The Butterfly Project

Two out of three aint bad!!!

 Peace Love & Creativity!

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