Thursday, 4 December 2014

Seasonal Tunes that sing Christmas to me.

That one Christmas song that jogs my memory, sung by my absolute favourite country duo (Yes I'm old school like that and I totally ship them and wish they were wed!) takes me both to past memories and future memories at the same time...that builds a picture in my mind of a photogenic Christmas; ideal, warm, fresh every the slow breaking of a new dawn....

Is there a seasonal song that does that for you?


  1. Hah! I'd never have put you down as a Country Music fan! [It *is* a great song!!!!]

  2. One of my favorites is Sleigh Ride (instrumental version).


  3. Oh yeah? I'mma check it out! :D

  4. Oh i'm a huge country fan, grew up on the stuff. Then again i grew up on quite a variety of music...

  5. You learn something new every day!


What say you?

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