Monday, 15 December 2014

For the love of Snail Mail

 A hand made post card a friend mailed me, diy carved rose stamp and all!

You couldn't possibly know just how much I enjoy receiving things in the mail. This, I think, is another simple joy of human connection. Oh the wonder of knowing someone took time and put effort into packaging something for you and sent it out, across the seas or miles or air or which ever mode of transportation used where you are, to get something to you. Whether card or parcel it gives me great joy not just to receive it but to give it.

That is why every year I am almost searching for a reason to send out some snail mail. This year I'm sending out a hand full of Christmas cards, hidden within which are some hand made surprises. It took me some time to assemble them honestly.

If you know me well you know how strongly I believe in cherishing gifts, it is not so much the thing I cherish but the priceless action. That is why, when i get a gift, I am very protective of it, whether it is my style or my desire, I hold it near my heart because what I do desire is to appreciate.

As I sit here now, nursing the pains left over from my commitment (I had to do a lot of bending to see) I am reminded of the preciousness of a gift, no matter how big or small. How cheerful and cherished it is to own such an opportunity as this: when one can use their talents and heart to create something to share smiles and love...

I would share them with you but I am afraid that one of the people to receive it, though they do not usually read my blog, will sneakily find their way onto my blog and ruin the surprise. So for now, look for a share of these around new years eve, when I can be most sure of their arrival to their recipient :)

How do you feel about sending snail mail?

Peace. Love. Snail mail.


  1. Beautiful carved rose stamp! Obviously I *adore* snail's the best of the best of the best! Will be sending some snail mail your way *very soon*......xxxx

  2. I love snail mail and try to send out a hand written letter or two to stay in touch with family and friends.


  3. Awesome! Those are the best :D

  4. I love getting snail mail too. I used to love sending them as well and each year i try to make the effort but only find that i do them around this time of year.


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