Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Minimalist Must Haves for the Holidays | To Do List

Finals are over and I do not know how I feel as per usual I always feel like I could have done just a little bit better...now comes the part where I bight my nails, shake in my boots, pray and I wait to find out if my attempts were good enough...In the mean time I am looking forward to a few simple pleasures over the course of the next 3 weeks of holiday. Very easy indulgences that stand to make my December very enjoyable if I can only let them and turn my mind away from scholarly commitments as I have turned my eyes.

  • Long pretty socks
  • A few of my favourite chocolates
  • Friend meet ups
  • A clean room
  • Sleep

I'm not asking for much this season, trying desperately to keep it simple. I've already started the harder bits: begun cleaning my room, a task which is going to take forever with my lung issues, getting all the washing and ironing of my work clothes out of the way so when the new term starts I don't have to feel stressed about it and can instead inspire a sense of togetherness within myself. I'm even daring to do a little shopping for myself! How delinquent for the working student I am I know but...I'm just itching to feel not so confined by circumstance :/ I'm cheering myself up by reminding myself that I could be dead tomorrow and not live to inherit the hard work of saving money for next term. Morbid I know but don't worry I'm not breaking the bank just sticking a toe out of place to save my sanity a little haha

What I think I want most is time to sit back and know that I am not a slave to the desires of the world. That I am a person who dreams big but also needs to rest well.  I am looking forward to that rest and peace of mind. Sadly, like everything else I will have to work hard on it as a fight to shut up the voices inside of myself that persist in telling me I must grab hold of the stars before the day breaks, voices that persist even before the dusk has even gone to sleep.

Creative minds do not rest easily...

Thank you to those of you who wished me luck on my final exams this semester. It feels wonderful to know that I have your backing ♥ Now, here's to a peace of mind ya?

What are some of your must haves this December?

Peace. Love. Calmed Spirits.


  1. Oh, a lovely list....you definitely deserve some rest and relaxation! Hoping your finals went well (I'm sure they will have!).....

  2. What a great list, and yes, hope you get some rest and relaxation :)

  3. wishing you lots of rest and calming relaxation and also some great shopping deals too :)

  4. haha thanks Jane! I would appreciate some deals indeed! :D


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