Sunday, 30 November 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

via: google images, if you know the creator please tell me so that I may give credit

~ I think bats are cute - I know they're similar looking to the rodent family but they just look so precious with their little eyes, huge folding wings , swift mode of travel and soft bodies...

~ I LOVE baking -I make a wicked brownie.

~ I've always wanted to adopt - Since I learned what it was as a child I thought to myself: this world is full of children in need of love, I have love, I should give it.

~ I don't like pink - I know, my blog template might make you think otherwise but I actually have had quite enough pink to last a life time. It was my favourite colour from ages 11 - 16 and almost everything I bought back then would be pink so I think I over did it and got sick of it.  Sadly I really liked this template structure and it wasn't available in any other colour. I don't hate the colour though so it doesn't put me off either :)

~ I never wanted to be a teacher - I love it with every cell in me now but when I was growing up I thought a person would have to be cracked to willingly pursue such a profession with it's varying needs and commitments. Funny how life turns out aint it?

~ I didn't learn to do my nails myself until I was in collage - with low vision it's no easy task colouring within the lines in anyway.

~ Due to being low visioned I don't see faces well from a distance, as a results lots of people think I'm stuck up or ignoring them because I don't say hi when I end up standing/sitting/walking past them in the street. Which is unfortunate, cause I'm still none the wiser and end up walking along with a happy face. So if you see me? Say hi okay? I wont see you but it doesn't mean I love you any less. Sorry in advance!

Thank you to everyone that nominated me for this award, I know that Helen did and if I remember correctly Charlotte did too. This award requires you post seven little known facts about yourself and tag a blogger under 100 followers to do the same. I think I'm forgetting someone else who did as well, please forgive the school fried brain but I really do appreciate it, seeing my name on a list of nominees made my heart warm and maybe my eyes moist I'll never tell ;)

 Another final paper out of the way this week and now it's time to prep for the written exam this week! Thank you for still visiting though my posting schedule scares. This post was already in draft and I felt bad for not posting it so it's taking the place of Sunday Sunshine today as I didn't have time to round up this week. I'm getting my brain back though so things may go back to normal but who am I kidding? I don't even know! What I do know however is that blogging keeps me sane these days, so when I get the inspiration, I'm gonna work that thing!

I'm tagging: A little bit closer || Grenada Soul Adventurer || Chatoyant Heart || You who's name i forgot because my brain is fried.

Happy Sunday!


  1. I love that you love to bake too! Love, even more, that you'd like to adopt....(and, honestly, I don't know how you manage, with such grace, your vision situation) xxx

  2. Well you know, when you've got no choice in the matter *shrug* some days are great some days are not so great...


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