Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday Sunshine

I don't even remember if I shared this photo before but I'm too sick to think straight.Also yes, my toes need doing but aint nobody got time for that when the academic sky is falling down all around you. Enjoy a little pretty and not pretty of real life why dontcha.

Rejoice! For I am still alive, though ill and having less and less of a presence in the blogesphere as finals creep closer and closer. This is the part where I become absent sorry guys, I'll see you on the flip side. I do have a scheduled post coming up this week though that kind of came to me even in my feverish state. If you can relate I hope that once it goes live you can tell me what you think. Meanwhile!

// This just has me appreciating more and more the mind of a child and how clearly they see things beyond the horizon.

// This makes me feel more and more everyday that the solutions are out there.

// I need to try and adopt this immediately!

// With beauty standards being constantly decided by everyone but the people they are decided for this video was very interesting to me as someone who doesn't where make up (except for lipstick but I'm not sure that counts)  I never thought of not wearing make up as courageous, in fact honestly I just never thought about it. I'm cool with m'face and I guess with my limited vision seeing 'flaws' on myself or other people isn't really a thing. It was even better seeing them consider both sides of the argument though, why judge when there is knowledge to be had?

// I don't always like finding new renditions of old favourites but when I do it is almost always Christmas music. As I approach finals and am finally able to see past the haze of school work to the other side which is Christmas break, this well compiled playlist is looking like an adventure. Sadly  that site does not cater to my lot so I'll have to go youtube search em if I wanna hear, which I will do once I'm out of the woods. I do hope you have better luck than I!

Pray for me and my finals guys! Man am I going to need it....

Happy Sunday!


  1. The first video had me in tears....good luck with your studying......and finals.....see you on the other side ;)

  2. These were wonderful...I hope your finals go well doll and you feel better soon too :) xx

  3. hope you do well on your finals and feel better soon!!


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