Tuesday, 25 December 2012

8 Things I Love About Christmas Time List

Ready or not, here it is! Why not indulge in the little niceties that come with it? So aside from the Christian reasons behind Christmas, what do i love so much about it?

1. giving gifts

 I really do love it! The secret scheming, finally finding the perfect gift, or even better finding it earlier than you expected in an unexpected place! I love seeing the faces of my loved ones when they unwrap, i DELIGHT in wrapping gifts! I don't know how gift giving will go for me this year as I'm in UNI now and the economy is crappy making everyone broke. I'm almost afraid to give anyone anything cause i know how bad finances are...oh but it does make me feel so good to give!

2. Christmas lights
 Or to be more specific, spotting Christmas decorations up for the first time when i'm dog tired and just sitting back in a bus on my way home, i spot that first house... or i'm full of troubles walking to the bus and i see them slung about that first tree or notice them in the grocery store or see them on that Christmas tree in a company window...i love it!!

3. Ornament wreaths

I not too long ago discovered them and while it would cost too much to make one here, holy Christmas beauties batman! Are they ever beautiful!

4. Seasonal dress
Photobucket Photobucket
Are they considered tacky where you're from? I know were certainly do not have the weather to wr them but my golly miss molly how I've longed for a Santa dress!

5. Good old Christmas carols!
Image Source
None of that new age nonsense, the good old, traditional stuff, particularly 'I'll Have a Blue Christmas Without You' sung by a little girl I don't know who exactly but it always touches me most when i hear it sung by a child

6. Christmas Movies! (two in particular to be exact)
Charlie Brown Christmas -  i SUPER DUPER heart Charlie Brown.

A Christmas Story - I have a love hate relationship with this movie, you see i remember when a certain channel played it TWENTY FOUR times in a row, year after year! So when i see it come on i almostly think kill it with fire...but....there is always that part when the kid sticks his tongue to the pole, his classmates leave him there and when the teacher is calling role call one kid points to the playground where he is whaling that ALWAYS gets me...so i look forward to glimpsing this one part in while flipping every year :]

Align Centre
7. Store Front!
 A jewelry store


8. Finally? 'That feeling' You know it don't you? It's what brings that sense of accomplishment when you finish putting your Christmas tree up, it's what makes you smile when you think of all these little things it's...inexplicable but exquisitely existent!

Peace. Love. Merry Christmas!


  1. ha ha I would love a santa dress too...might have to get one next year lol.

    I love xmas lights...

    I must admit I sometimes find xmas a bit of a sad time x

  2. I probably like the outdoor lights of the holiday season the best. I'm rather happy Christmas is over, I am ready to greet the New Year :-)


  3. This post popped up when I left a comment and I had to jump through, couldn't resist....I am the biggest most soppiest fan of Christmas EVER! And another one who loves wrapping presents (what excitement!), spotting first decorations, Christmas carols (Silent Night) and that wonderful sense of satisfaction as you put the last decoration on the tree....and that special calm that comes only from sitting, quietly, in the lights of the Christmas tree....

  4. Yes, the sitting back and just basking in it all is a treat! I'm going to have to make a new list this year. Definitely some local things i love about it too!

    Thanks for the comments everyone!


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