Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I Eagerly Anticipate The Boring!

Exchanged words with a friend who was telling me she was bored today. I told her 'i egarly anticipate the boring' I've been so go go go, so stressed and focused lately due to finals, i honestly can not WAIT for a chance to do absolutely nothing that involves higher thinking!

10 Things On My 'After Finals Mundane Fun' List!:

forgive the badly lit photo
  • Clean My Room
  • Sleep Past 8
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Go To Bed Before 10
  • Watch kdramas
  • Paint My Nails Whenever I Want Without Guilt
  • Hang Out With Friends
  • Not See 'Must Sees'
  • Start Visual Journal
  • Decorate

I always feel so guilty doing creative things when i have unfinished school work, same goes for doing my nails, i had to actually schedule time to do them! Starting a visual/art journal has been on my agenda for a while too, I'm a little intimidated at colouring outside the lines like that...i value structure in many areas of my life, usually the strangest parts, art included...but here goes nothin'! right? Looking forward to challenging myself in this way :). 

 'Must Sees' are people you...well...must see in the routine going ons of your day to day life, honestly I'm going to be glad for the holiday from the usual routine of those people, no offense to those people but lets let absence make the heart grow fonder shall we?

I don't need to explain the wonders of sleep to a student do i?  
I've not had good laughs with my lovely friends for far too long of a while, it feels like forever! Beach anyone? I haven't even decorated at all for the season! I actually still need to find a tree!

I anxiously look forward to doing fun creative things without feeling bad as well as some serious de-cluttering! Clutter makes my brain feel clogged and my positive energies feel boxed, i can't stand feeling boxed! I'm an Aries for goodness sake! So for me a little clean up IS quite a bit of fun right now!

Some good old instrumental jazz, some bleach and some clean sheets? oOoOoOOo baby! Tell it to me slow! Not long now... Isn't it funny the mundane things we take for granted though?

Live. Love. Be.


  1. I love lists. I need to make one like this. I feel like I'm always on the go, and I need to set aside time to do things I like!

  2. I've totally made a list of things I need to do over break too! And I'm soooooo with you on the sleep thing, girl!

  3. I agree about sleeping, decluttering, and being creative. I feel guilty too when I have dishes and cleaning to do, yet I'm blogging or taking pictures. But I think life is too short to "mind the little things".....-Jessica L


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