Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Musing :: Mind : Finding your entelechy; it's okay to love me ♥

Have you ever felt so built up with not so much ideas but possibility? As if, you are over flowing with the desire to create, to build and to form something of beauty and deeper meaning either to yourself or to others?

I know I feel it all the time.

It's as if your soul has this overwhelming desire to 'do' What's troubling is that even as the soul says 'do' the brain says asks 'what?' again we see a likely breakdown in communication. If you haven't gathered by now, I'm beginning to think communication is the partner, if not the root of success.

Today I'm particularly talking about finding your entelechy in art, your place in the art world, whatever the art you dabble in may be. I've always been an artsy person, I drew before I knew how to read or write, I drew and then narrated my stories myself. (i was a determined kid it seems!)

I've been reading about this concept. Thinking about how long it has taken to accept that the things I end up doing are not only different but beautiful. This fact is something we are all taught and often accept as a concept but why is it so difficult to accept it about ourselves in ways that count?

I have many artsy friends. They are simply amazing at what they 'do', some are in fine art some are experts cooks that make a master piece meal out of anything,  so it seems. Plus there is the fact that I took a little fine art in college. So when I am faced with my own style, I find myself turning up my nose and thinking 'hu but this isn't what art is, this isn't what it's supposed to...LOOK like...?'

How I got to dangerously define beauty as so one dimensional I do not know.

I believe there comes a time when one must simply step back from the success of others. It's so important to accept that their road to success is not and can never be yours because while you're going to the same city, they're going to stop off at the coffee shop to feel regenerated when \they get there and you?'ve always rather fancied yourself a cup of tea!

Now while tea is rare, while tea shops are more hidden away and harder to find out about. There elegance is just what your are looking for.

It's a matter of knowing what you like, accepting what you like and then letting yourself like it. Sometimes the hardest part is letting yourself like it. It's dangerous to think a talent is made of thin wire, that you can bend and contort it into the shape of...say...a clay pot. It will never have the weight or feel of a clay pot. It will however have the light and airy, shiny and earthy look of copper wire. Your shape, your material, your density.

So many years it took me to come to this moment right here. It's amazing how even though we have learned to apply one skill or philosophy in one aspect of our life find ourselves not be able to transfer that. For instance, this idea of beauty in it's own right, as it relates to body I have long since mastered the love of my individuality, yet my own talents have not learned to appreciate themselves as beautiful in their own right how?!

Don't get me wrong, this does not just refer to art, it could be taking pictures, writing, composing! I'm learning more and more the importance of finding or even listening to the etelechy in every aspect of one's life. It's crazy that what can stop so many of us from achieving true self fulfillment is in fact...self and the nonacceptance of the things we are good at and love about ourselves.

Do you have anything about yourself you have not accepted is okay to love yet?

Live. Love. Accept and Own Your Love

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  1. This is right up my alley. It's so important for us to focus on our own personal strengths, but it's so easy for us to compare ourselves to others. It's good because sometimes it gives us healthy competition and motivates us to push harder, but it can also be negative. Like with anything else, there needs to be a balance. But above all, we need to possess self-love or we won't get anywhere.


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