Monday, 10 December 2012

Musing Style : Ten Giftable Looks For The 2013 Fashionista! + Colour of the New Year 2013 is...

Well, Pantone, those people who have secret meetings where they determine the colour of the coming year we will all be eventually obsessed with, have announced that the 2013 colour of the year is EMERALD

I couldn't be happier because my obsession with this colour has started even before this year ended. I never got into tangerine, this years ascribed colour. Well, except for my discovery and new found love of orange lipstick and orange nail polish, so i guess that counts. Maybe it's the holiday season in the air that's driven me to the desire for green, or maybe it's the having noticed it's abcence in my wordrobe?

So your friend is a bit of a fashionista and you don't know what to get her that not only will she love but that will kick so much prime backside that she will be grateful for your gift all year round? Consider the following emerald or emerald inspired pieces that will not only have her looking classy sassy chic but will give her the early bird eye fashion wise by adding a dash of emeralds to her fashion look! I've been drooling over these pieces for a while from two of my favorite stores, i hope you can find something on here that's helpful or that you at least like staring at like i do!


This lovely piece is from

This lovely piece (and all those that come after it from here on down) is from
I love it because it's so vintage inspired and you know how i feel about vintage dresses!

Maybe she'd like an elegant necklace?

Or a beautiful scarf? Also in a vintage floral!

Maybe she's the working girl who keeps it classy, formal and inspired?

Maybe she needs a new gown for a night on the town?

Or a more causal one, that's easily styled up as well as down?

How about in a different shade of emerald?

Or even another shade?

  Or how about some stylish hand warmers for the chilly times to come?

I really don't know who is on this panel at these secret meetings picking these colours of the year but it''s like they're reading my mind! I've been lusting after the colour emerald since i got over my mini obsession with mint back in summer. How do they get it right so often!? Fashion secrets of the universe!

Live. Love. Shine


  1. I would wear all of those to be honest, I love the different shades!! Gorgeous colour :) Hope you have a great week :) x

  2. Oh GOODNESS me too! first chance i got :D!

  3. i just read another blog where they talked about emerald too! so happy to be over the whole "oxblood" thing... ew.

  4. considering that all shades of green is my fave, I am thrilled :)

  5. A gorgeous color for sure! Love the hand warmers!!

  6. Thanks Ladies!. i'd reply individually but it seems that reply button is playing hookie!


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