Monday, 3 December 2012

Musing :: Style : School Girl Swag

 Sometimes I be on that school girl swag...

 So, what IS 'School Girl Swag'? It's that outfit you go to as a student that is comfortable and operational. Effortless and can be moderately creative all on it's own. Take for example:

With Finals in the air that's what's been appealing to me lately. Almost everybody's got this simple to put together look under their belt, certainly every student! This isn't even my favorite tee either...and that's one of the beauties of this look! It doesn't need to be! As long as it's comfortable and quick (come on, you're an adult now, resist making that that's what she said joke Lizelle) Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go spend my next waking 24 hours and the way my mind has been zooming along a while a minute lately, possibly some of my sleeping ones, studying for a test in 'The Language Use Content of English Language Teaching'  Mmmm boy oh boy! Oh, I know it's hard but you simply MUST try not to be TOO jealous!

What's your go-to attire? 

Peace. Love. Study or Die!! Aspire

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