Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Plush Palette :: Meet, Greet & Eat!

Had a lovely evening with old and not so old friends the other day, some i've known since my age was in the single digits, others i've only just met in the first years of my twenties. Some who have rooted themselves deeper into this soil of ours and others who have long migrated, are visitors, almost tourist status. Regardless, it's always nice to meet, eat and catch up on how our lives have changed and stayed the same. I'm very grateful that these friendships are still alive. It seriously never stops amazing me what you think you know about a person and what you continue to see as time goes on. Just goes to show that life is a constant learning process and if experience is our greatest teachers, then time must indeed be her T.A.!

We started our evening at the Umbrella Restaurant and Bar. It didn't go too great, service left alot to be desired. Service is always hit and miss with this place, which is sad because we are known world wide and i am told even given awards for our excellent service. Maybe they're only nice to tourists? I don't mean to be harsh, only honest. Regardless, the ambiance is certainly welcoming and one of a kind and the food is usually very good so we tried to have a good time.

Milkshakes and sandwiches, my favorite thing! Except for the rum and coke, that's our visiting local foreigner. Have i mentions i don't drink?  I prerefer chocolate over everything thanks.  Then, in a moment of spontaneity we moved on to The Owl. The service was certainly better. We bought hot wings but i forgot to take pictures of them sorry, how unblogger of me! Though i've reached that point where my none blogger friends are starting to get used to me taking pictures of their food, grudgingly as it might have been i was told "You've got TWO minutes, no more." To which i happily went to work as they licked their lips with baited breath! What do you think will happen when i finally get myself a chunky DSLR and start shoving it at their plates? ;)


We spent the rest of our night playing/learning to play pool, having teamed up and somehow managing to get very competitive. All in all it was a great late night adventure in local entertainment, company and food. It's unfortunate i continue to be disappointed by so many places lack of proper service attitude. I swear i've run into so many jerks who act like they're doing you a favour by serving you your own paid for food its shameful! However, this is not meant to be a rant or maybe I'll share a particular encounter at another time, if you're interested? This is just meant to be a recount of a good night, with good food and good friends that have stood the test of time.

Onward to 2013!


  1. I don't drink much either and if my choice was a drink vs. chocolate cake - it's CAKE all the way !!


  2. Looks like a great time...I hope you have a wonderful New year!! xx

  3. Looks yum

  4. Those desserts and drinks look so delicious! And I like to play a few games of pool myself- until I keep losing! -Jessica L


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