Friday, 7 December 2012

Girl Meets World!

Have you HEARD? My little Corey Mathews is going to be an on screen daddy!! Read about it in the news report here

Yup! Boy Meets World is going back to tv! Only remixed! Now Tapanga and Corey are happily married and raising a daughter Riley, thus changing the name of the show to 'Girl Meets World.' I am so existed about this! You guys have no idea how much this show meant to me. They just don't make good tv like this anymore! I loved this show because it seemed so very genuine, it didn't cut corners around the serious situations of life, they discussed having a broken home in an America where the nuclear family was so heavily celebrated, they discussed love and loss and the fact that sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't work out but that there is never any 'just' about either or any of it!

I remember so many things, like the fact that Corey, the main character had a very real character flaw; he was prone to being so deluded. Honestly, deeply believing from the bottom of his heart that things would 'just' work out. That his best friend, would reunit with his father and long lost brother and everything would mend itself despite the fact that they had never met and had grown up under different circumstances needing things they never got, born of mothers who were both abandoned one for the other,, that the girl he loved all his life would love him back and they would live happily ever after very simply, that his best friend would find love with the woman where the odds were so against them and it would out...because it had to... right?

Except that's not true. In real life, nothing has to work out. as Mark Twain says 'The world doesn't owe you anything, it was here first' This show taught that, this show was so true to reality, they broke up, she moved way and even though  he had loved her all his life, cheated on her. They lost each other and it was real and it was raw, like it really often is...and they found each other and it was a little less magic and a little more determination, gusto, fight!

The magic gave way, it dwinddled and when the well said it was dry? They dug for years before finding the water from the rivers of love and giving them way to flow again.

I watched them grow from mouthy little kiddies, flinging dirt, pulling hair and finding magic in their first kiss...

 Till they were so confused! Trying to put a name to the things they felt and sometimes did not decipher and decide...

 To being absolutely sure, that come fight or flight, come hell or high water this was it for them, this is what their life had to be; a place where, to co exist, in laughs and in love and in overcoming the world in only a way joint hands can..

 Now i get to watch them reunit and raise a kid! Is it wrong how excited i am about this?! This is so my generation, i know that the generation that came after me has little to no idea who they are or what they stand for. I even saw a boy on tumblr saying his parents named him after Corey on Boy Meets World and that he had never seen that show in his life! Gasp! You don't know who Corey Mathews is?! Yep...I'm definitely old now....

all pictures sourced from tumblr

I truly hope this works out and that this show is as awesome as it's predecessor. The actors reprising their roles, so far only Corey and Tapanga are confirmed, have promised to make it so within their powers. But i've got to admit, i'm excited to see them again....I'm excited to delve into that bout of nostalgia..Come what may, it's worth remembering...

How do you feel about the BMG revamp? Were you a fan of the show? Do you think it will be good? What childhood shows made a huge lasting impact on you?

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  1. First off, I wasn't allowed to watch Boy Meets World, even though from what I've heard it taught great family values and wasn't inappropriate at all. I did manage to see a few episodes when I had a rebellious babysitter around, and again when I was older and could make my own decisions. I would love to go back and watch the entire series!

    However, I'm a little concerned about the revamp. I know they made a TV show based off one of my fave movies '10 Things I Hate About You' which is of the same era, and it just looked so dumb. I hope the show goes well, but you're right, TV just isn't the same anymore -- and I'm not sure if this will be half as good. We'll see!

  2. aw, sucks that you weren't allowed to watch. It's hard to say whether it was inappropriate or not because so many people have different opinions of what is and or is not inappropriate... I think they must have pushed the envelope at some points but certainly not in the way tv does now...I think they pushed it in ways that NEEDED to be pushed at that time, in ways that reminded us of the ups and the downs and the non finality of both.

    I am definitely going watch it over, i know there must be heavy themes i missed when i was younger, even though i feel like i gained so much then.

    I'm scared about whether they will ruin it too cause, well we know they don't make tv like that no mo girl! :) but i'm holding on to hope tightly!


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