Friday, 14 December 2012

Musing :: My Plush Palette : Caribbean Pumpkins

I must admit this now, i am not one of those bloggers who is very passionate about food, in fact i am almost completely un-phased by it, i eat to live i do not live to eat. Except for chocolate, that's a whole different ball game in and of it self. However one of the things i am immensely and constantly grateful for is the fact that i live in a place where food grows on trees with little to no help from any human hand. Being aware of the mass hunger over running this planet yet being able to look around and literally see food springing from the earth or dropping from above high makes my heart sing a little prayer of gratitude each time it comes to mind.

One of the things i love the most is pumpkin. Caribbean pumpkin. Did you know that there are three main species of pumpkin? Which are all technically squash?? I had to do a little bit of research so here's the fancy words i came up with:

 Caribbean Pumpkin = cucurbita maxima : calabaza

It's always fascinated me that our pumpkins are actually orange only on the INside!

It has a sweet taste with a firm but soft texture. I love the taste of it! You can use it for a variety of things, just like the one the North Americans are used to: in pies, punches and what we most often use it for here delicious soup!

That plate of pummpkin seeds up top came from a pumpkin my mother grew herself, in fact the one in the very second pics! She loves to garden and i happen to as well, i just have never had the nerve to try it out or experiment and such, harboring fears that really made no real sense except under the weight of routine insecurities....I haven't had much of the nerve....UNTIL NOW!

 Life is sort and ripe with possibilities for happiness. The mere IDEA of putting something in the ground and watching it grow and mature into something that can feed me and those i love makes me extremely excited! I'm already thinking of the pie i will bake! So many people think i'm being silly because as islanders they've LONG since experienced this pleasure, they know it well and i am so 'green' if i dare to go the route of the bad pun.

But what can i do? I'm in love! I can't wait for them to blossom that beautiful hibiscus like yellow flower, they're runners so vines will sprout and take over vast amounts of land, easily gotten rid of though once the pumpkins have bared.

What little bit of mondane awesome are you grateful for lately?

 Peace. Love. Sew Seeds of Happiness!


  1. Never had that before...looks great though! I love food, I love to cook...I also think we have so much food to feed the people without and try to not waste anything. Hope you have a great weekend xx

    La Femme Nouvelle

  2. Pumpkin seeds are a favorite of mine! I also love pumpkin everything during this season....I guess I'm not the only one though. And you are right that you are blessed to have pumpkins readily available to you. -Jessica L

  3. Thanks Dainty, i do think the same thing, it seems to me like we have enough to feed the world...i guess it's for the big boys in control to think so now :)

    Jessica, I've enjoyed seeing pumpkins all about your blog this season :)

  4. I have also never heard of these but I would love to try them. I do love pumpkin seeds a lot.


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