Monday, 31 December 2012

December to Remember at City Jazz at the Grenada National Museum

 Pictures snapped by my friend Jeanette

That December night at the Grenada Museum 2012 was so good I can not find the words to express it. Which is saying a lot for a writer! I had the privilege of meeting Johnny Rhythm and his stage siren Lily who exposed me to world class Jazz.

These two have performed as a unit on stages from Germany to New Orleans, from cruise ships to right back here at home in Grenada.

They had the whole room ablaze with the emotions only music can evoke. As an artist myself I was transfixed and so moved by their team work and passion.

I did grace the stage for a short while to bid farewell to these lovely people. Long time City Jazz supporters who were about to leave our shores for a very very different life. Thanks for being with us Dean & Kathy, I hope my country was good to you and your new chapter is beautiful!

I hope to take a page from their book. To live a long and inspired life always surrounded by music, artistry and people who share a love for creativity and understand the unwritten words said between artists, poets, writers, singers. As the four of us in the picture above (Algernon Belfon, tamer of saxes in the background!) We conversed and came to a conclusion.

'Its like... there is one single thread that weaves its way through all of us, one link that is never broken. So when we meet, we recognise it immediately in each other and because we don't just share the stage we perform on, because we share the stage of life, when we get together, its easy to jam! That's what its like, to be an artists among artists" ~ The Wordy Phoenix

Hey 2013, you ready for us? 

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