Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Musing Mind :: New Year Resolutes

Well to be honest i was bent on not creating New Year Resolutions this year. Simply because I'm still going through a bit of a shock, how could the year already be over? How could we be past the latest end of the world and already on to the year 2013? Yikes! Whether i make them or break them though the fact of the matter is, it's coming, time is still moving ever forward, with or without me. So it's time to hurtle out of the shock and start thinking.

What now?

That's what New Years Resolutions are about for me, I suppose there goes another show of how i over think things! For me it's time once again to actively assess where I'm at and where i want to be. To consider the past twelve months of my life and decide whether they've been worth my while. 

It's time to pick.

This is the crossroads between 2012 and 2013 and it's time to adjust my sails and follow it towards a set goal. This time I'm doing this in relation to my outward life, the next time i will do this will be at my birthday when i reconsider inward direction.

I don't remember if i even had New Year Resolutions last year, even if i did i'm quite sure they were many small scale ones like 'get good grades' and 'cuss less' This year i am picking one influenced by the lessons i've learned this year, (but more on that in another post) My New Year Resolution this year is to

1. Live With Authority.

Now this does not mean to be condescending or self centred ( It was hard enough to ditch those attributes in my early teens! You know, that part of life where you feel you know everything, where you feel everything with every fibre of  your being if we're being honest)

In 2013, i want to learn when not to hold my tongue. This year has taught me the opposite well. Now I want to own the road i walk on in life, i want to strike the balance between polite and firm, between fair and forceful. I've had so many experiences that have continued to teach me the place of everything under the sun. I think it's time to translate the road signs leading to my destinations and the criteria for the rest stops on the way. I no longer want to feel like I'm constantly walking into a room where everybody breaks the social rules but me. Instead, i want to walk in and use words that those who break rules can understand, words of power, of inner strength that speak of correctness, respect for others but ultimately respect for self.

In this new year i don't want to just show others that i respect and love them. I want to show them that i respect and love me, ultimately, not selfishly but self deservingly.Yes, i made up that last word but it's okay, i have poetic license.

This has been difficult for me with my limitations and honestly? With my Christian beliefs, struggling to walk a fair path in an unfair world. However, this year i am seeking to concur this patio... without compromising myself. Now that's going to be the hard part, it's easy enough to let someone have it, boldly and rashly, i seek to learn to speak with authority while within reason.

It's going to be so very tough, i know...but who does not have limitations? Not one of us. We've all got mountains to climb, this is the one i am daring to battle in 2013

This next one should actually be more simple, since I've already started attempting it.

2. Do one thing every day that scares you.

I heard this somewhere this year and it really resonated with me. For others this might be used to tackle sky diving or a fear of heights. For me, as a person living with a visual impairments i am using it to get past the little things many take for granted, like going to an unfamiliar place on my own or searching for something that depends highly on sight to find it. Okay, those two are bad examples, i can't honestly think of good ones right now but i hope you get my point anyway?

3. Continue to work on improving my photography, a hobby i really really love, we'll see where this goes, I'm hoping it heads towards my first DSLR but time ( and finances!) will tell.

4. Increase my blog  readership, continue to polish it's look and over all be the best blogger i can be. I'm still new at this but i'm going to learn and grow.

By the way i want to take this time to truely thank all of you who read my blog. I love writing these but what's a writer without readers? Thank you for taking the time to stop, look and comment. I'm so grateful that you share a moment of your life with me. I hope that you will continue with me on my journey in 2013. Happy New Year! Lets be happy okay? :)

Who knows if I'll succeed at these resolutions? But life is little more than a big bunch of tries anyway...
These are my New Year Resolutions. What are yours?


  1. Sounds like a plan! I wish you much success in the New Year!


  2. I wish you the best for the new year xx

  3. good luck with your resolutions!! these are some good ones ;) x

  4. Thanks, i'm going to give it a good effort! :)

  5. These are wonderful resolutions. Best of luck!

    <3 Melissa

  6. #2 and #3 really speak to me! Great resolutions\goals! Good luck with them! -Jessica L

    1. Thanks and good luck on yours! Let make it happen!

  7. First off, I'm sorry I haven't been around! I definitely neglected blogging this past week, but I'm happy to be back. Secondly, these are awesome resolutions that I can totally relate to. You have such a kind spirit and a beautiful soul, and I'm sure you'll make big things happen for yourself this year!

    1. Yes! I've missed you posts lady! I know how it is though, i need to jump start my blogging too or something so i know how it is. Thank you for the super kind complements! Fingers crossed you're right for this year!


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