Monday, 7 January 2013

Musing :: Style + Mind : 'Tears Don't Mean You're Loosing" ♫ ♪

I thought i'd share with you what i bought me for Christmas :) It was not expensive and i got a percentage off yet because it was the display item, which is fine with me as it has no scratches or dents just the possibility of unknown fingerprints, which are easily whipped away. Every year i try to make it a habit of buying myself something for Christmas. I rarely succeed honestly. I'm bad at spending money as everything here is so expensive.

It even took me a while to convince myself and even be convinced to snatch this little beauty up, even though it was not too much i always feel guilty buying things, especially as i'm a student, even though i may need it.

My jewelry collection has serverly dwindled for the very reason of not wanting to spend. I always tell myself, later...when times are better, later...when i reach this goal, or that one or the next, there are more important things right now...Except that often leads to a point where one feels like you're working for someone elses money because very little immediate joy is derived from it.

This year i succeeded in remembering the importance of not winding my belt so tight that i bust. I already shared my New Year Resolute for 2013 but this year i don't want to just focus on 'heavy' stuff or goals. This reckless is a reminder of that. It's a reminder to stay true to me. That it's also important to have light thoughts. It's okay to dream, to believe and to wish because that's how goals begin. They start as a tiny flutter in our stomachs, they start as a longing, with us wanting something. Then with time, they swell and develop until they are an unbearable hope. Hey and if we're lucky, if we're stubborn even, they manifest from a hope into a plan.

Well, i've been known to be stubborn with my dreams so...

Dream. Believe. Wish.


  1. This is so cute and inspirational :) Best of both! Happy New Year btw <3

  2. That is a very pretty necklace! And you are right: you have to allow yourself to let loose at times. It's like going on a diet: you can cut out everything you love completely; you have to allow yourself rewards...and without dreams and hope there would be nothing...-Jess L

  3. I love that inspirational necklace. Don't ever feel guilty for taking care of yourself.


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