Sunday, 20 January 2013

Musing:: My Plush Palette : Dinner & A Smoothie

Lets be real, sometimes you just have to meet an old friend, for the first time for the year, embrace and twirl each other in the middle of the night street and go catch up in a crappy quiet park where you can't use the swings, cause people don't appreciate nice things and have broken them You can instead, sit on the picnic table like the daring rebel generation you stem from, under the glow of the streetlight, with nothing but crappy phone camera pics in dim light and good conversation.

This person can not hear you, all she can hear is her favorite chicken begging to be in her mouth. True Story. Then we moved to Umbrellas for smoothies and some more chicken but someone 'got rid' of it before i could take a picture.

 My Favorite Milkshakes! (She ordered the smoothie but they came back to let us know it wasn't gonna happen tonight.

Sometimes we be bout that life. Kick back, remember that company is what makes it great. Though things don't go as planned, sometimes they can go better. I love my friends, the conversation is always amazing, on any night it can range from the future of the endangered turtle population to where did you get that shade of blue nail polish. (which it actually did that night) My favorite quote of the night was from my friend Eli (in the photos) who loves chicken way down in her soul. Getting a thoughtful and concerned look on her face then turning to me and worriedly asking.

"You think if they liquified would taste the same?' with despair on her voice. We had been talking about the future of food and how everything is being made to be had on the go now, she got very afraid i think.

School starts for us both on Monday. A time when inspiration and creativity becomes some what of an endangered species itself. Here we go again!

Peace. Love. Relax and Take Note


  1. Those types of nights are the best -- sounds like you had wonderful bonding time with your friend. Good luck with school!

  2. LOL- noticed Steph's comment up above! And realized we said about the same thing: girl-bonding is the best! Relationships with others is what life is all about! -Jess L

  3. I laughed at the chick part and yes girl-bonding is the best! :)

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