Thursday, 31 January 2013

TiLT :: Top 5 Favorite Models with Albinism

No longer is the modelling industry completely void of models with albinism. Its something that my heart cant help but be glad about. It makes me so happy that these people are able to follow their dreams regardless of something as little as a different in pigmentation and short sightedness. I think that their successes in overcoming the adversity of negative opinions should be celebrated. So, since i haven't done a 'Things I Love Thursday' in a bit I've decided to make this one about my top five favourite models with albinism.

1. American Model: Ellie


Definitely my number one favourite, likely because i love her look and style.
2. Russian @kiker_chan


A believe she is Russian. Love all the airy shots she takes

3. Chinese Model Connie Chiu




I consider her a legend, she's the first model with albinism i ever learned about and still waws me with her work.

American Model Diandra Forrest

Isn't she amazing working  those full lips and long legs?

American Model Shaun Ross

 Does a lot of high fashion, an area I'm not a fan of but i love his versatility and willingness to create art. Most may know him as the guy from the Katy Perry video or The Tyra Banks Show.

It makes me feel really good to see these people doing their thing. Its already so hard and takes so long to come to that glorious place of self acceptance and it's always made even more difficult when everywhere you turn no body looks like you do. This is true for so many, for the plus size girl/guy, the one with freckles, with thick frames, with braces, with super curly hair or with whatever society says in not in these days, I'm not sure, i try not to keep up, simply because i have no interest in letting anybody decide for me what i should or should not do or like.

Now when i meet students or even look in the media myself i can find representatives of the albinism community that are depicted as not just disabled but beautiful, unique, looked upon with favour and admiration. Though I've already reached a pretty darn good place of self acceptance this does do no less than help! No longer are people with albinism just the 'red eyed demons' being hunted down in Tanzania by witch doctors, or being shown as always the monsters in films about conspiracy. Now they are also models, beautiful people that hold the place on the cover of magazines.

They are normal people, children of the universe, they have a right to be here just like everyone else, like that song lyrics being blasted into my ear as i type this says. I know all these people and all these pictures have definitely helped me in a deep, resounding, fantastic, personal way and if i could say anything to any of these people it would be this: Thank you, thank you  for believing that you are beautiful, thank you, for daring to believe in yourself.

Is there anyone in the media that has helped you to dare to believe in yourself?

Peace. Love. Acceptance.

All photos copied from the Albinism Facebook page and are the property of their individual owners.


  1. Thanks for supporting my blog! I hope I was able to drive a bit more traffic your way by hosting your button. And, I have albino Asians in my family. We use to just call them "Mestizos", but they are actually albino, and I just thought that they were "lighter". Anyhow, I'm hoping that the beauty industry continues to include all body types and faces in their definition of what is beautiful and should be celebrated. -Jessica L

  2. Supporting your blog is easy; its an awesome blog! :D Thank you for letting me have my very first 'ad space experience'!

    I zeroed in on albinism because that's a personal one for me but you have a great point about the industry including all body types and faces! I hope it continues too <3

  3. This is awesome. I think that Albinism is beautiful! I'm an avid fan of anything different from the norm. And, the good thing is, that the world is starting to embrace differences. It's actually becoming 'cool' to be unique. I hope that's not just a trend and it sticks!

  4. Oh wow, I've never seen these models before but now I'm definitely a fan. Gorgeous, gorgeous people <3

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Isn't t'internet an amazing thing, that one can find solace just a few clicks away, those clicks taking you to connections to people who inspire/guide/create hope xxx


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