Saturday, 2 February 2013

Musing :: NOTD : Independence Day Nails

Independence decorations up at KFC!

Do forgive me, photobucket is being rather full of nonsense changing their things about for no reason, i'm not happy about it and haven't acquainted myself properly yet so if my pictures look a bit odd that is why.

Independence Day in my country is well on it's way (Feb 7th!) so i did my nails up, our national colours are red - for the passion of our people, green - for our fertile soil and gold - for our caribbean sunshine! Though i doubt they will last as long as without getting chippy...forgive the messiness too, this is pre clean up and i was running out the door to a poetry reading so....

I'm always looking for a chance to paint my nails in my pretty pastel yellow polish, i simply love that shade! Almost as much as i love painting them orange! Yet the colour can be distracting to the school kiddies's usually a no go. Want them focused on school work not Teacher's NOTD! However independence is here so it can come out to play for a bit!

Was able to grab a shot before i left, in the glow of the sunset and on my way home, thus the uh, glow of the florescent lighting? Though i like my previous independence nails more, my glitter red stripper has dried up :( One of my favorite rarities that this dear rock does not have, oh bother!

One of the things i absolutely love the most about Independence time festivities is seeing the buntings go up everywhere all over the capital city! They are such a pleasure for me as i spend most of my days  being shuttled from bus to bus as i get to my schools. When I'm feeling exhausted and start looking about out the window i can see them either gracefully swaying or rapidly flapping in the upcoming Easter winds against our amazingly brilliant Caribbean blue sky....

I love that i never ever see them littering the ground either after the 7th, the cultural ministries of the government puts them up cleanly at dusk and i suppose takes them down just as silents? Yay keeping the environment clean and healthy!

Peace. Love. Celebrate!



  1. I didn't know you were located in the Caribbean, what a wonderful place to be. Also, quite cool about your Independence Day which (as a state dweller), I knew nothing about. Thanks for sharing :-)


  2. perfect nails for independence day!

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