Sunday, 3 February 2013

My Etsy Heart :: 8 AWESOME Valantines Day Gifts Under $25! (List)

I don't know about you but i'm a sucker for heart shaped things. Seriously I've loved them from young and i still can't help but love them now. Maybe it's my naive belief that this world is/can be so full of love, all around us, so many different types of love exuding from so many unexpected places. From pets that somehow know to come up and nuzzle you when you're sad or depressed, to plants that you water that spread their leaves green, bright and healthy, to girlfriend friendships decades and days old a like and of course the obvious, cheered love between two people who hope to spend the rest of their lives in each others company. See? I'm a sucker for hearts or rather love representation..

That's why i love Valentines day! Honestly it's barely the hope of getting anything, i just LOVE seeing heart shaped  and love themed things everywhere! It makes me happy. Last year i went a little nutty with my pinterest finds, this year i still went a little nutty drooling...only this time it was on etsy! Check out these awesome gifts under $25! Posting this early in case anyone wants to make sure all is shipped in time for the 14th! :)


1. Isn't that scarf awesome?! I think if i had to choose things i'd like most as a gift it would be this and the number eight item! I love gifts that can be easily run over into everyday life, that way it's not just for the occasion but i can carry it around all the time remembering that it was given to me. 2. I'm not a fan of math but sometimes you need to bring things down to there simplest terms to truly appreciate them. 3. Customizable undies for your favorite husband! 4. Out of all the husbands in all the world or of the husbands you have, who's your favorite? ;) 5. Sometimes subtle gifts are the best, everyone doesn't need to know when and why you got it, only you do, i think this pillow is a perfect example, when you're cuddled up on a lazy rainy Sunday morning in your jammies hugging it  you can feel the love resonate and know in your heart why! 6. Since everything doesn't always have to be spelt out or shown off this bazinga iphone case is lovely, another everyday use item. It keeps it the theme of vday as it's red and it shows personal thought if given to a Big Bang Theory lovin' fan like me. Plus it's totally unisex! 7. Look at this heart covered iphone case...just look at it! At the risk of sounding like a middle schooler isn't it 'totes adorbs'!? Not too much for everyday use, kind of vintage themed, more white than any other colour so goes with so much. Maybe not the kind of thing on average one might buy for themself but that's why it's the perfect little gift isn't it?! 8. Lastly, some people LIKE to be obvious with their lovey dovey, this is perfect for such a thing isn't it? Anyone who visits you and sees this lovely wooden gift knows exactly why it was given to you: someone thinks you're their sweetie!

How do you feel about Valentines Day?

Peace. Love. Chocolate (The other main reason i love vday!)


  1. I love heart shaped items in cosmetic :-) like the Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush.

    I also love The Big Bang Theory! What a great show! I always LoL :-)


  2. I don't think Valentine's Day should just be about romantic love, but love in all forms. I'm always excited for it myself because no matter what happens on the day of, I know that I have people who love me. That second print is, well, awesome!


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