Sunday, 17 February 2013

Th 2013 production of Sparky the play by Recardo Keens Douglas


On the 16th of February members of the Writers Association of Grenada (W.A.G) and I went to see an encore performance of Sparky, the play, written, produced and directed by Ricardo Keens-Douglas. 

I couldn't help but do a little interview with him. He is after all one of my national heroes! As a Grenadian writer it can sometimes feel rare for us to have local, home soil grown, literary brilliance that we can not only look up to but that the masses recognize. Granted his work is great, even if it did not have the worldwide recognition that it does have.

As every writer knows, the chance to share your passion with the masses and have it make a difference in their lives, small as it may ever be, is often the biggest reward we could ever experience in our lives.

Sorry for the not so great pictures but my camera has all but given up. Sparky is a beautiful locally produced play about a firefly born without its spark. This, proves to be a metaphor about how different we all are and the importance of appreciating people for their individualism and what makes them unique.

It is in the area of family theatre so it can be viewed by adults and children alike with no fear or worry.  I was thrilled to learn that it is in fact an adaptation to one of Ricardo Keens-Douglas' books!


I must say, I love what he is trying to do and promote, his message of unity in an attempt to keep the bonds of the family alive, he has created this literary event that can bring children and adults together. His handmade set was spectacular!


I was truly blown away by the knowledge that he had designed it all on his own. Furthermore, it is amazing how such a powerful play manages to be, even without any sponsorship what so ever. It was a musical too, the likes of which i have never seen on island,

He took the time to write his own songs accompanied by matching choreography! I am impressed by the dedication of the cast of real life teachers, lawyers, students and otherwise who dedicate their time off to practising to make the production a success.

 Monique from Martinique was my favorite character, she is in the blue wig!

Ricardo Keens-Douglas has always been an impressive writer. I knew him first from his tale of La Diablasse, (not yet in my library but I'm coming for you!).


My first purchase of his work is that of 'The Nutmeg Princess'


Of which I gleefully and proudly own a signed copy!

I can only imagine the greatness this play could achieve if it only had financial backing. I urge everyone to go out and show their support. We always talk about how badly we want things like this to happen but they can not and will not continue without support and tangible show of interest from the public. So see the play, buy the book, tell your friends about them! Lets make this a reality for ourselves and the upcoming generation.

All stared(*) photographs are sourced from the Facebook of Ricardo Keens-Douglas,

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