Sunday, 17 February 2013

Musing :: Mind : Valentine's Day Sucks!

So you know one thing that really gets my goat about vday? Everyone going on and on about how bad, sad and depressing it is. I don't get it, whats the big deal? Go out and buy yourself some chocolate! Chocolate always tastes good, no matter who you got it from ;) So what if that person is you? Also, you must know that you are not the only single person on the planet right now, there has got to be someone who wants to get out of the house on this day too, grab em and set yourself up. Personally i like going to the largest supermarket here and staring at the multitude of chocolate that always comes out around this time, oh yes! My favorite thing <3 Chocolate that you never see has come out to play!

Also, you could always go to dinner, dinner is yummy especially if it's a fancy one. You don't need anyone to take you, take yourself! There is nothing that makes one feel more complete than realizing that another half does not complete you, you are already complete, another half only enhances something that is already great. How are you going to enhance something that is already great if it does not acknowledge it's own greatness?
 I know it's no easy task, i am not deluded, in fact for the very first time on Valentine's day this year i was so sad. This has never happened to me, not while single not while coupled. You know what i realized? One of the pillars of my sadness was that i had again allowed negativity to seep into my system. Everywhere i turned, twitter, Facebook, people were belly aching about how they 'hate valentine's day' and how 'i just call it Thursday' and how 'i am just waiting for the cheap chocolate after this is over' (this last one i am jealous of you first worlders!) Okay, we get it. You're bitter. Nobody loves you today on the day everyone is celebrating love., that doesn't sound right does it?

Somebody loves you. Someone. Isn't that what you're suppose to be celebrating? All of a sudden what is important is that nobody wants to kiss you today even though it really didn't bother you much yesterday? Come on, lets put the jealousy and envy aside. We are celebrating LOVE here people. Love life, love friendships that have lasted, love that you've got a mom for mothers day, love that chocolate is everywhere. Don't be such a Debbie Downer acting like the only kind of love that is worth recognizing and celebrating is the type that makes you feel someone thinks you are important.

I know this is a bit harsh of a perspective to take on this subject and hey, I'm not even asking you to agree with me I'm just saying...damn guys...just dayum!

Peace. Love. Appreciate.

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