Saturday, 16 February 2013

Musing :: NOTD : Valentine's Day Nails ♥

Hi Everyone! I love you. Here, have these big love filled hugs on me!

Every year i say I'm not going to do Valentine's Day nails, every year i change my mind. I always get so intrigued by making an attempt! This was taken as soon as i was finished, not too impressive i know and rather pre-clean up. I was rushing out the door again and knew i had to take that picture quickly as that pale pink polish i own is really crappy and chips like it's life depends on it!

How was your Valentine's Day? I know I've quite a bit to say on that subject but I'll leave that for a Musing Mind look out for that soon! :)

Peace. Love. Chocolate Sales ♥


  1. I was going to do a Valentines nail post, but my nails are still breaking and annoying me so ... maybe next year :-)


  2. Cute nails! What did you end up doing? The hubs and I stayed in, watched t.v., and picked up food from our favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. I was too tired to go out for dinner! -Jessica L

  3. Can't wait to read your thoughts on V-Day! I spent it by myself of course, and it was totally nice and relaxing! Your nails turned out super cute, better than I could have done for sure haha.


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