Monday, 17 December 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Silk's Ocean Avenue

I'm, as one of the bloggers i follow says 'tardy to the party' with this one, this was supposed to post on Friday for my usual link up, i hope it's ok if i still do? In all honesty, I'm a bit sick...yep, caught a cold the very DAY i handed in my final assignment for this semester! So I'm going to have to force myself to take a little blogging break to rest up :( Something i am not happy about! I'll be back as soon as i can master though!

I bought this, excited to finally have a green polish again since i haven't had one since the loss of this one. Especially with my excitement to do Christmas nails! (Which might not even be happening because currently the smell of all things polish is making me nauseous but we'll see who wins!) I was a little worried when i got home, flipped it over and saw the name stamped to it's backside though...

Since my colour perception is a bit off, I've had the unfortunate happenings of confusing chocolate brown for black and some blue for purple...Now when i think ocean, i think blue, so when i saw this name i thought rats! Not again! I didn't let myself worry too much though, i figured i'd hold of till i actually tried it on.

Success! Just the shade i wanted it to be! Very very similar to the one i'd lost. After over 10 years of searching, cause I'm obsessive like that, i found one that pleased me! Sadly there is good news and bad news...

This brand is called 'Silk' it's one of the cheapy brands we import here. Now, since the colour is so close to what i wanted it made my eyebrows peek a little and after a little googling i found out that this one, like my old one, has a dangerous ingredient called Toluene (i think, my head isn't working right but differentially one of the big three chemical dangers we are to be mindful of in nail polish). Oh this makes me very sad. I've used polishes from silk before and fell in love with that shade too!

Nail polish fail. Why does the bad have to look so good?

I'll be back as soon as i can hold my head up again without such gigantic effort..Till then!

Peace. Love. Wellness!


  1. Hope you feel better soon, lovey! Pretty polish!

  2. Very pretty color! I think nail polish with toluene is 'ok' provided that don't wear it too often. I prefer Zoya, but hard to find all the colors.



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