Friday, 30 November 2012

Musing :: NOTD : Getting To Zero

I know my last nail look was also an awareness ribbon but try to bare with me? A large part of my creative heart is labeled 'activist' Even if it's a small, nail polish waving act.

Last year when i heard about the making a pledge campaign in hopes of eradicating this disease by 2015 i vowed to pledge my efforts, specifically in some way my pen (my writing) to raise awareness about this disease.

I did write a poem about it, especially after someone i know became personally affected. Like i said, it become a whole different ball game when the dangers hit home.

I was supposed to read at a poetry event today that is geared at raising awareness but honestly finals have been killing me! Regardless, December 1st is still World AIDs Awareness Day.

This is one of the reasons i did my nails this way this week. So while i am not able to attend the event, doing my nails in red gave me an opportunity to realize i am not as scared of the red nails look as i used to be! (even though technically i didn't go full on red but hey man baby steps don't judge me ) This intrigues me as i have never thought myself a courageous red nails kind of girl, just like i don't think myself a courageous red lipstick kind of gal.

However, like with many things, perhaps in due time ;)

Peace. Love. Dare!


  1. This is beautiful and it's an important awareness...hopefully it can become taken out soon enough! Have a great weekend x

    La Femme Nouvelle

  2. Great idea! And it turned out really well!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Glad you dig it :D


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