Wednesday, 28 November 2012

16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence Campaign


A friend of mine asked me to sit in as a guest on a show geared toward bringing awareness to the thoughts of the youth as it relates to Gender Based Violence on our small island. This is important because in this year 2012 we've seen a huge spike in violence on a whole, at least what we consider huge, minute in the eyes of the wider world but we are small and we value our safety so addressing the issue before it is large scale is key to maintaining our way of life.

So when I was asked to sit in I was happy to be there!
We met at the Ministerial Complex, where we were ushered into an available conference room. The topic was 'Acts of Rape and Sexual Assault.'


We took a little while to set up, our beautiful Caribbean sun was being rather vain that evening and was taking centre stage. After a little battle we were forced to move around the room but eventually it was okay. I in fact think it proved to be a more intimate setting, it got us closer to each other so we could playfully smack each other when we spoke and joked.

It was a great experience, sitting in a room with my peers, discussing the issues that affected us and that would affect our daughters, sons, students and who knows who else to come after we are long gone.

They hooked us all up with our own mikes so we could be heard and encouraged to speak out.  Our camera man was very knowledgeable and cooperative and really went the extra mile to ensure that we look good on screen. I actually haven't seen the footage yet. Though we filmed before the 16 days of activism began so that the show could be aired during the first week of promotions, i have recently found out however that there has been a change of plans and this footage may be used for an even greater impact, though for now mum's the word. ;)

I feel great to be able to serve my country in this way, through the power of my voice, through the power of my words! If I was able to encourage at least one person to know that rape and violence is not their fault, that it is not the kind of thing you do something to 'ask for' or 'deserve' then this venture was 110% worth it!


It is important for me to say at this junction that I am no feminist, i feel like so many people are jumping on that term lately, with little understanding of its significance... i will never claim that term. It is not that i do not understand it's purpose or intention it's just being a person who is mindful of the power of words i think the term sounds way too one sided and i am so glad the term has been changed from 'Violence against Women' to 'Gender Based Violence'

I do not ignore the suffering of women, how can i? I am a woman! However i believe that 'humanist' or 'ambassador for equality' is more suited to me. However that's just my opinion and I do not seek to force the issue.

Also! I must mention Ami! That's the lady in the first picture the camera man is shooting. She read a powerful poem that day. I was so touched by her words, she brought the room to it's knees emotionally and i know she will do the same to all who view the show.

As the sunset that day, I can fairly say it truly was an evening worth my while. Lastly, I want to appeal to everyone reading this, to please be aware of the power behind your words. It is only in being aware of it can you use it for great things of good.

Words Are Power, Softness and Strength, All At Once!

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