Thursday, 29 November 2012

5 Gift Ideas for your Beginner Blogger Buddy.

 Happy December! (well almost)

I consider myself a budding blogger; just starting out and opening up to be what i want to be. As to when i will be a 'Blooming Blogger' like the many i follow i have no way of knowing. My strategy is however to enjoy this process to it's fullest as much as i can in a way that is most stress free.

As a budding blogger i feel i have a bit of an inkling of what may be a good gift for those of you who are shopping for someone who has recently chosen to reside within their own corner of the blogesphere.

So here are 5 Gift Suggestions for your Budding Blogger Buddy that are sure to make them love you at least a little more while adding something to a bloggers life that is necessary and a hot commodity; inspiration!

1. A remote control for their camera. 

If you can manage to find out their camera model and squire the matching remote control for that camera trust me, you budding blogger buddy will be SO grateful! Especially if they are also a budding photographer and lets be honest, blogging and photography go together like bread and butter! Sometimes its not easy taking those fun, unique and interesting photos and poses when you've got to use a self timer, its easy to miss 'the moment' because of a sneeze, a fly or even tummy butterflies that make smiles come out like gritted teeth instead. A remote for your camera can solve that.

2. A Tripod 

Even the cheapest fold-able ones you can afford would be good, as long as it can safely hold up their camera you are in business! Relying on someone else to take your photos can be annoying on both sides of the lens as well as impossible in some moments of life, some very blogable moments! Also, without having to worry about whether the angle you're getting is the one you want, it gives any blogger the creative freedom to grow and explore and more quickly bloom into the blogger they want to some day be.

3. A custom layout.

You know how getting really smartly dressed makes you feel like strutting? Well for a blogger a custom layout that is rare and often reflects an individuals style in a way that is specially put together for that person is like putting on that strut-fit on their blog,  (get is? see what i did there? Outfit/Strut-fit? No? Ok lets move on...) it inspires a confidence that can't be taken away and we all know that we perform better when confident. Definitely one i drool over all the time, maybe when i reach 100 followers?

4. Pay for A Photography/photoshop Class

Not because you think they suck but because every blogger aspires to take better photos whether of themselves or of everyday life. Good photos make you feel and look good and confidence confidence confidence tells it's own tale of it's importance again.

5. A Massage

Yeah, that's right, blogging is hard work! Hey and even if it isn't? Life is! Sometimes we surf along people's blogs and they look like they are constantly and eternally having the time of their lives everyday all day! Truth is, just like everybody else, bloggers get tired and stressed and nothing blocks your creativity and thus stunts your blog posts like stress. Whether it's feelings of not being good enough or having taken on more than you can chew. a massage is a good and luxurious way to unwind those fears and or anxiety, (unless people touching your body makes you fearful or anxious sorry) de-stress and re-access.

Plus i guaranty you all these things will give your budding blogger friend a rare and priceless commodity; the gift of inspiration! With each of these gifts they will begin to think. "Oh! The blog post i shall write because of this...!!" There by branding you as the coolest bloglovingest cat in town!

 What gift would you love the most in your budding blogger stage of life? Do tell!

Peace. Love. Gift Smart!

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  1. I'm going to get me a custom LO shortly - can't wait! I'm so excited!!


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