Monday, 12 November 2012

Musing :: Style : All Done Up!

I don't get done up often... but when i do...

fitted dresses...

They make me feel so...self conscious usually...but i've been trying different things lately aside from my usual elegant punk style. Why can't i?
Also did something different with my hair, hair dresser and all! I heart it! Looks very mawhalk to the front and very elegant to the back a perfect mix!

Dinner out in heels and a high up do?! Ooooh who are you?

What do you think of my Done Up, Up Do?

Peace. Love. Elegant Punk?


  1. Such an awesome dress! And the hair is fabulous!

  2. Thanks! i couldn't get over the hair for days i <3 it so much! lol

  3. You've been nominated!


What say you?

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