Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Musing :: Art : Sketchy Business - 9 Things I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up!

In my mind as i grew up i went through many options

1. Superman.

 No not superwoman she was not my kind of girl, too pretty for me at the time of my budding tomboy era.

2. A Ballerina

A job where i could dance and twirl all day? w-WHAT!??

3  The Pink Power Ranger

No i do not know how i went from a real life possibility back to a fictional persona but at the time this girl or at least what she represented was very real to me. A girl who could be brave AND pretty who could save the boys as well as the girls and had real problems like 'fat days'

4. Artist

I could draw for the rest of my life and get PAID to do it?! Unfortunately then someone killed the dream by telling me literally that if i became an artist i would never make any money and would always be hungry and poor...Now being a young child, i wanted to eat so i gave up on that...

5. Zoologist

I could be around animals all day everyday?! Yeah! I wamma be THAT!

6. Lawyer

As i started coming into my own, standing for things, forming beliefs and opinions and deciding what should be treated as right, this was born...

7.  Clinical Psychologist

The dark ages when very real problems began to surface in me and around me

8. Counseling Psychologist

As i grew i began to narrow things down, the people i wanted to help and when i wanted to help them, changed too.

9. Teacher

And here i am today!

Peace. Love. Multiple Big Dreams!

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  1. This was precious...I wanted to be Superman as a child too :) x


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